Sunday, 20 July 2014

Ramkhamhaeng venues update

Ramkhamhaeng venues update

Update Dec 2015: Wave Club permanently closed, that means all gay discos in Soi 89/2 are gone.

Saturday, 19.07.2014

A friend told me weeks ago that Singapore (former ICK, my favorite disco in soi 89/2) is closed during weekdays due to lack of customers. Adverts in gay magazine say that a new disco (Wave Club) will open next month. Time to go and see for myself.

Taxi from Sathorn 110 Baht, 14 km. Arrive 1:02 am (Sunday). The foodcourt is closed (usually, there was activity even at 3 am). To my great surprise, I find only Doordum open (Singapore, G-Start, Harlem all closed). I had a look into Doordum on previous visits, but gave it a miss because I don't like the lighting, but now it's the only choice, so I enter.

Order water, 50 Baht. A Thai customer (about 50 years old) is at the bar and invites me to his table, good English, he is there alone. It quickly becomes clear that he as a sexual interest in me. Clinking glasses and telling me that he likes me is fine for me, even hugging; but slipping his hands under my shirt is where I have to draw the line (not that I mind, but I don't want to give wrong signals). He is a chain smoker.

There are 6 coyote boys (dancing on the stages in underwear) 1:13 to 1:29 am. Afterwards, they mingle with the customers. From about 2 am, customers and/or coyote boys dance shirtless on the stages.

Doordum allows inside smoking. At first I notice only visually, simply because my brain is busy processing music (too loud) and lighting (one of the worst I ever encountered, generally too dark, but with flashing lights and lasers that blind you). Around 2 am the smoke gets worse (there is no exchange of air, it just gets swirled around by fan and aircon) and I can smell it and it burns in my eyes.

Doordum goes on my blacklist for inside smoking (same for G.O.D now G Bangkok Silom Soi 2/1) and horrible lighting.

I would say the disco is full between 1 and 2 am, maybe one or two free tables in the back. It looks like there are two cute boys in the audience (but with the horrible light I can't tell for sure). But my table mate requires all my attention. It looked like he had a bottle of whisky, so he must be drunk, but little sign of it, pronunciation (English) and manners ok.

Compare situations where I joined a group of Thai men for drinking, only to find myself sitting furthest away from the cute boy for which I joined the group, between two clearly drunken Thai men who try to have a conversation with me.

My table mate suggest a few time I go with him tonight, I tell him he is not my type. But nonetheless, I let him grab my crotch and undo my zipper and slip his hand in (another good reason to wear underwear), but not into my underwear. He asks me which boys I like and chats with some coyote boys. He tells me there are Thai boys in his apartment. I show him my collection of boy pics on my phone, he does not approve.

About 2:50 am (number of customers decreases, eyes burn from smoke) I want to leave. We have a chat outside. He wants to suck my cock, which would be fine for me, as long as I can get my eyes and hands on a cute boy. The one (just one) in his apartment is 22, but he has no picture (took a lot of discussion to get to that point, now it shows that he is drunk, conversation goes in circles).

He offers me money (unspecified amount) and asks how much I want. That's interesting, I try to get him to make a first offer, but again, conversation goes in circles, so I finally ask for 4000 Baht. He counters 1000 and asks why I want 4000. I tell him boys in Soi Twilight now ask for 2000 for short time, so 4000 would be appropriate for me. 

He seems to agree but wants to have a look first. We go to the bathroom and lock ourselves into the cubicle. He plays with my dick and has me touch his. He leaves the bathroom first, I wash my hands and suddenly he is gone. I walk around inside and outside, but can't find him. 

Was that luck or a missed chance? He was drunk, so I would have to insist on advance payment, but even then, drunks don't act rationally and there might be a lot of hassle. Missed chance, I might have gotten him to invite me to Soi Twilight bars to buy me a boy, so I can play with the boy and he can suck my cock.

Leave soi 89/2 around 3:05 am, walk to Meeting (Karaoke Ramkhamhaeng Soi 81/4). If I hadn't been there before (only confirming location), I would not have found it. And if there had been no staff outside, I would not have thought it is open. 3:25 am one quick look: about 20 customers, music level ok, light ok. 

Taxi back to my room.

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  1. 4000 for a skinny German is a bit too high, I will run away also.

  2. I think you have to wake up to the fact that sooner or later you'll encounter a Thai guy who just cannot handle the kind of games you play. If he feels deeply humiliated and doesn't know how to retaliate in kind (I mean playfully), all bets are off when that finally happens.

  3. you should know by now that thais tell you whatever they want to get whatever they want, in your case the older guy having a boy in his room, i dont believe him

  4. I don't play games, I just have problems to draw borders and tell them that I'm not interested, in clear terms. In this case I did (tell him I'm not interested), but he was drunk.

    I have heard that story (I have boy for you) before, several times. I only believe it when I see the boy (as in the case of threesome with Saranrom boy last year).

    I think I should make it a principle not to deal with drunks, so far only hassle and worries. It was probably the best possible outcome that we lost each other.

  5. ja, genau, du hast recht. Vom vornherein schon deutlicher-aber dann ohne grosse Schnauze. Erfahrung braucht ja auch Zeit zu wachsen.


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