Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Farose 2 sauna update

Farose 2 sauna update

Thursday, 10.07.2014 (day before Ansanha Bucha)

Bus from Sathorn (Rama 4, Bon Gai bus stop opposite Soi Ngam Duplee) line 22 or 109 or 115, about 30 minutes to Ramkhamhaeng Soi 21.

Entry 170 Baht. Includes unlimited drinks (in the bar/disco, even alcoholic) and food (rooftop, limited choice).

Since my last visit (Nov 2013), they did some repair work in some private rooms (replace broken mirror, fix broken lights), and the fountain in the garden is working (multi color LED, varying height of fountains). Nonetheless, the general impression is “dilapidated”, but you can still see this was once a classy place.

Enter 23:23, leave 2 am. Quick walk through the premises at 00:30 to count customers: about 80. No farang, about 5 cute boys. Changing room smells of piss.

They have events about once per month (advertised in print on the walls, missed the big cock festival on July 5th; check in internet for upcoming events).

Open 5 pm to 6 am, every day (there was a screen with advertising for previous events, videos from shows, and information about opening times and prices).

Within minutes after entering, I find myself in the rooms in the garden, and there is activity (two fucking, two standing around). These rooms are usually empty, but when two start something, others will gather on their way through in search of something interesting. Light is low, but I can see a perfectly shaped back and butt, and I have a voyeuristic vein, so I stay. The top doesn’t mind me touching him, in fact after he is done he grabs me and we grope and kiss (I can smell he is a smoker, but it’s bearable). Someone else from the audience sucks and wanks me, and he find the right rhythm.

Done within 10 minutes of entering the sauna, new record. But you have to keep in mind, I have been to Farose 2 about 5 times and this was the first time I had sex there, 5 x 170 Baht entry = 850 Baht, transport 5 x 150 Baht = 750 Baht, time spent 5 x 4 h = 20 h; I could have get laid elsewhere cheaper and faster.

Taxi back to Sathorn (100 Baht, 11 km).

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  1. Your last visit was in Nov 2013, not 2014

  2. You are right, changed the year in the article.


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