Sunday, 27 July 2014

Bookshops in Chamchuri Square

Bookshops in Chamchuri Square

(Chamchuri Square จัตุรัสจามจุรี, direct access from MRT Sam Yan)

Thursday 27.06.2014

On my way to NSM Science Square (see separate post), I notice Book Outlet (in basement, operated by Bookazine) and go in. 

It's like a voyage in time, they have maps and guidebook I have never seen before, because they are 5-10 years old and have long been sold or replaced elsewhere. Several copies of Spartacus Guide 2008. 

Finally I spot several copies of "Tip Führer Bangkok Ein Reiseführer über die Stadt der Engel 5. Aufl., März 2007", a guidebook I have been looking for for two years (you can order by mail from the publisher, but that's lame), original price 450 THB, here on discount for 270 THB.

Update 12.01.2015: The bookshop is gone and a Tesco Lotus has taken its place.

On other floors, there are more bookshops, finally Chula Books, which has a book about Thai I have never seen or heard of before (there are many more I have never seen or heard of before, but this one made a good impression when I scrolled it): 

Dhyan Manik 22 Secrets of Learning Thai - Complete Guide to Sounds, Tones and Thai Writing System
Dolphin Books ISBN 978-952-5572-85-8

and piles of textbooks.

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  1. Bookazine used to be independent-they often had gay stuff in their shops. But has been taken over by Asiaboox-which by now is (beside Kinokuniya) effetive the oly english-bookstore in TH. Asiaboox used to have a large outlet in de shop-centre beside the holy Pra Proim @Ratchprasong. it is not uncommon to see old books still trying to be sold.
    TIP is horrible schlecht and not worth even 6,xx eur (270 Bt). Auf Deutsch gibt es doch auch sehr viel bessere Th-Reiefuehrer.


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