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Lomchoey Massage Soi Ngampduplee update

Lomchoey Massage Soi Ngampduplee update

Tuesday, 22.07.2014

Number of boys in Lomchoey varies considerably, sometimes up to ten (estimated from number sitting outside), today only three. 

My favorite masseur Ne is in Buriram, but his younger brother Saep is in (not so much my type, but see my previous post on Lomchoey extolling his erotic massage skills). Mamasan introduces him again as Ne's younger brother, so either he really is (can't imagine that she remembers a lie she told me last year) or she uses the same lie for all customers.

I take one hour oil massage. Massage is fine, however the erotic part is missing. He is nude from the beginning, putting my feet or hand in his groin for massage of leg or arm, I can feel his pubic hair. But the erotic part I enjoyed so much last time is missing!

He performs a standard oil massage and at the end I am wondering how to get him to induce happy ending (it has to come from him, I won't say or point: wank me; there has to be a natural flow, if I have to explain what I want, it won't work). Massage finished, he points to the clock and says "time is up". I turn around (on my front) and point to my upper calves and say "massage here", he does so for a minute, and then again points to the clock. So I leave and shower.

He says he remembers me from last year, but I wonder why he changed massage style. Even if he forgot, he must know what's going on. 

I pay 400 Baht and tip 200 Baht (is that appropriate? What do my readers tip for 1 h oil massage?) and leave puzzled (he is probably puzzled as well, with happy ending I tip 1000, and I'm sure the boys talk).

A friend of mine works in massage (he is gay, but we are just friends), I will explain and show him what I like and have him write it down in Thai so I can show it to my two regulars in Silom.

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  1. I only now saw this blog about Lomchoey, but I visited in November last year... with very happy result.
    I arrived before noon, so only just opened for business. There were only 2 boys (that I saw)... both decent-looking, but I chose the one who looked like he could best deliver good-pressure massage that I favor. Sorry I am not sure, but I believe that his name may have been Ne.
    I had researched prices/offerings beforehand, and wanted a long good session. So I chose the 2-hour combination (1 hour Thai + 1 hour oil) for 600 Baht, which proves to be the best value.
    The boy led me upstairs to my room on the second floor, a long area with several partitioned rooms, each with a floor-mat. On the mat, there awaited a towel and some flimsy massage-pants. He directed me to the bathroom (not the most modern of facilities, but adequate), so I could shower. Upon returning to my room, I put on the massage-pants, which I did not tie... leaving them deliberately loose/unsecured... and lay down on my back, to await the boy. The room itself was very dimly lit, very relaxing.
    When he entered, he took off his shirt, and proceeded to start with the Thai massage... working in just his shorts. His massage was very good, properly trained in the technique, but still managing to work in some subtle erotic touches... allowing my foot or hand to rest against his groin, or casually brushing my groin with his arm. During this first hour, through the brushings and manipulations, my pants were gradually becoming looser and starting to slip!
    Then came time to transition to the second hour, for the oil massage. He indicated for me to remove the pants completely and turn over on to my front. As soon as I had turned over, I was aware that he was taking off his own shorts/underwear, so that we were both now nude. This turned out to be most practical for his personal techique of oil massage, where he uses his entire body, not just his hands, to massage mine. And he was just as proficient in oil massage as he was with the Thai massage.
    The entire session was more than satisfying, and he worked throughout with great enthusiasm. I tipped appropriately, and he seemed as happy as I was. I'm thinking that maybe the secret is to go early in the day, before the boys have a chance to get exhausted or drained.

    1. Lomchoey massage changed name to Zy massage about a year ago.

      I know a boy Ne who used to work at Lomchoey, now works at Arena (has been working there for about 2 years now, last saw him 28aug2016) and who fits your description.

  2. I agree with you that happy ending should come naturally or be initiated by the boy.

    Obviously he was not interested in such a outcome for some reason known only to him.

    Since you ask about tip I think you undertipped him , even if no erotic part was present at least he got naked for you. In such a case I'd tip cost of massage.

    I somehow always got lucky in 'straight' places with some action which is to boys advantage as I'd never tip less than 1000 if I had an opportunity to touch his erect and naked cock.

    Since I passed the place few times on my way to Malaysia or Vincent 7 rooms but never used their services I placed Lomchoey firmly on my list of places to visit on my next trip at end of year.

    I agree that coming early gives better chance of boys being in better form but on another hand choice is usually limited, I found 6-8 is best time in most places

  3. soi twilight & around natureboys a lacal expat tells me going price 500 for massage & then i was told 500-1000bt for boy depending on how good he was & what he did, cpfc as yours got naked & let you touch him, id at least go back sometime & place another 200bt in his hand as you shake hands, i went back & did this in pty so no problems & it stopped me given myslef a headache about it all.
    to be fare its always hard to work out what to tip under what circumstances & it gives me a headache sometimes thinking about it all, maybe ask the mamasan what the minimum tip expected in this place & work up from that for happy ending, really good massage.
    then actually you might be right with 200? ask mama what minimum tip is for just massage & no happy ending & work from there, if you still not happy with your decision you can do what i mentioned just go back next time you pass, this place should be a little bit less than other massage places near the gogos i mentioned as its out of the main gay area id say
    maybe the boy wasnt horny having been asked to wank off a fat old falang before you came in & is straight so finding it hard to bear?, will we ever work a thais mind out? so dont worry too much, you tipped thats the main thing


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