Saturday, 26 July 2014

Motorcycle helmet statistics

Motorcycle helmet statistics

There was some discussion on the forums how many Thai wear helmet on motorcycles. The count below shows that in Bangkok, the majority wear helmet. Furthermore (observation without count), it looks like mocy taxi drivers often wear helmet whereas passengers do not, and age below 20 usually do not wear helmet.
Monday 02.06.2014 19:25-35 Sri Bam Pen (Bangkok local road)
Helmet 79 bare 95

Tuesday 03.06.2014 13:10-25 Sri Bam Pen (Bangkok local road)
Helmet 108 bare 50

Wednesday 04.06.2014 14:40-45 Rama 4 (Bangkok main road)
Helmet 162 bare 7

Wednesday 11.06.2014 18:46-56 Ramkhamhaeng (Bangkok main road)
Helmet 110 bare 40

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