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Other gay places in Udon Thani

Other gay places in Udon Thani

There are no boy bars in Udon Thani at the moment. This is my first trip so I know of them only from internet:

Boyzone bar has closed (after move from Phonphisai road 118/5 to Nong Bua area), I chatted on Line with the number given on the internet.

Another bar, City Man near Wolverine gogo, closed and gone as well (but Wolverine was open when I walked past).

There are 4 male massage places I know of (from internet, hornet, adverts in other gay places), but haven’t been to any of them.

Line: lavenderudon

Nine Udon massage and spa
Line: aekza-aek

Yes Club Spa & Massage by men
Line: Mr.bbaannkk
(no website, seems to be here ซอยจินตคาม3
according to map on advert in UD sauna)

Gentle Healthy massage

General information about nightlife:

Places to meet street hustlers:

Thung Sri Muang ทุ่งศรีเมือง was mentioned on the internet but there were no people around when I went (Fri 23.01.2015 22:55-23:10). Anyway it’s a field and not a park, a vast empty area for festivals/markets with trees only on the perimeter. The northern part (with City pillar shrine and other buildings) is called park, but not many trees either. Gays I met at the railway station said best time to go there would be 6-7 pm.

Nong Prajak lake and park (park on the peninsula open 4-20), walk around the lake (Fri 23.01.2015 23:20-00:10) and spot about 20 people, nothing interesting going on.

Railway stations are always a good bet (personal experience in other provinces, at least there were available ladies). I arrive 1 am, a few people sleeping, nothing interesting. I am about to go home and count this as complete failure (nothing for me in sauna, walk around town for 3 hours, find out that Boyzone isn’t in Phonpisai 118/5 any more, no activity in Thung Sri Muang, Nong Pra Jak and railway station), when I notice two men about 50 year old and two boys about 20 year old coming in. They sit down and it looks like one boy is giving the other boy a blowjob. Then the boys get up and go behind (or in?) an empty parked train. I say hello to one of the men and we quickly get to the point: they are gay, and the two boys are having sex in the train! Why not in a room? It’s more romantic!

One man speaks good English, so we converse in English and he translates. Nothing gained from being able to understand most of their conversation, but one day understanding more Thai than I admit will give me and advantage. They say best time is around 9 pm, and they (the men I was talking with) come here most nights. Boys can go for 200-300 Baht, but they are no good (sniff glue).

Saturday 24.01.2015 Go to railway station, 19:50-20:15 only regular passengers. Then go again 22:30-23:15 with new Farang friend H from UD sauna, the two men and the boy are there again, but no available boys (they say the boys just left, and indeed when I came there were two boys just leaving). Merits further research, but without much hope.

Back in Bangkok, Monday 26.01.2015 night chat with another customer in Soi Twilight, and she was in Udon Thani and offered an arbitrary mocy or tuktuk driver 100 Baht if he could bring her a boy to her taste. The first batch of 3 were not, but there was one in the second batch whom she paid 500 Baht for sexual services.

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  1. shortly speaking, as far as boys go no need to go to Udon, better to stay in BKK

    1. I wouldn't say so. There were cute boys everywhere at any time (estimated more than elsewhere without statistical proof), and the most amazing H who is in his 60s hooked up in the disco.

  2. I agree. Spent one afternoon in UT (was transiting from Khon Kaen to UT Airport for a flight to Chiang Mai) and managed to hook up with a 20yo boy from Nong Khai--using Grinder or Hornet-- in the airport toilet.... then walked out of the toilet and get cruised by a uniformed Nok Air worker. Both stunning good looks. I do plan on a return visit to see if this was a fluke!


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