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Wat Maiplayhuai in Phichit province (2)

Wat Maiplayhuai in Phichit province (2) Buddhist hell garden and garden of proverbs

วัดใหม่ปลายห้วย อำเภอ สามง่าม จังหวัด พิจิตร
16°22'23.8"N 100°05'20.8"E = 16.373275, 100.089101
40 km by road south-west of Phichit town, about 5 km west of hwy 113, or 2 km north of hwy 1074. No public transport that I know of.

The wat has a quite large, in good condition and well equipped Buddhist hell garden:

Elsewhere, there are statues depicting proverbs.

เห็นช้างขี้ อย่าขี้ตามช้าง When you see an elephant shitting, don't do like he does. English equivalent?

สีซอให้ควายฟัง To play the violin for a buffalo. Cast pearl before swine.

ไก่เห็นตีนงู งูเห็นนมไก่ The chicken sees the snake's feet and the snake sees the chicken's breast. To know each other very well, to know each other's secrets. (Explanation by a Thai friend.)

Reminds me of a joke: Why do chicken have no breasts? Because roosters have no hands. Or an English proverb: as useful as tits on a bull.

นกสองหัว no idea

ฝากปลาย่างไว้กับแมว Let the cat keep the fried fish.

ช้างตายทั้งตัวใบบัวปิดไม่มิด in fullช้างตายทั้งตัวเอาใบบัวปิดไม่มิด Use a lotus leaf to cover up a dead elephant. A guilty conscience needs no accuser.

แม่โคกินนมลูคโค The mother cow drinks the child cow's milk. Meaning?

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  1. Is there any significance that those being tortured are white and those doing the torturing are brown?

    1. No idea. But as far as I remember it's like that in all hell gardens I have been to: the torturers are brown skinned and wear a loincloth or similar, the torturees are pale skinned and nude.

  2. Christian, U should start a instagram account and share your beautiful pictures of boys with us

  3. When you see elephant shitting....
    English equivalent:What is permitted to Jupiter is not permitted to bulls
    (Quod licet lovi, non licet bovi)

  4. Great an interesting pictures! Wat Maiplayhuai is not to find in Google! Does the temple has also another name? Andreas, Hua Hin

    1. It's on google maps as Wat Mai Plai Huai


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