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Wat Maiplayhuai in Phichit province (1)

Wat Maiplayhuai in Phichit province (1)
General information and architecture

วัดใหม่ปลายห้วย อำเภอ สามง่าม จังหวัด พิจิตร
16°22'23.8"N 100°05'20.8"E = 16.373275, 100.089101
40 km by road from Phichit town, about 5 km west of hwy 113, or 2 km north of hwy 1074. No public transport that I know of.

Ubosot surrounded by lotus petals.

Building on the back of a giant crocodile statue. There is a room inside the crocodile (door on the left) used for storage of construction material.

The wat houses numerous statues and religious buildings of various architectural styles. View from clock tower:

Reclining Buddha with a bird shit problem:

The five kings in a mirror room:

This stone (even in the room signs of the pidgeon plague) might be a meteorite; I asked a gardener and a monk, none of them knew its provenance.


Some buildings are poorly maintained, and it looks like they start building something while older buildings are not completed yet.

I missed this building:, don't remember it and didn't take a picture of it, but a corner of it is in another picture.

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  1. re builnding fases: often local hi-so people make merit by financing a building in a wat-untill the money runs out. Another one may start later with same idea-other building, never ever cooperate! Do not assume there is 1 mastermind planning the whole area.
    Und alles gute und viele neuFreunde in dieses neue jahr.


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