Tuesday, 27 January 2015

UD sauna Udon Thani ยูดีซาวน่า อุดรธานี

UD sauna Udon Thani ยูดีซาวน่า อุดรธานี

No address or detailed directions on the internet:

After erring around I finally called and asked for the way. From UD Town Mc Donald's across the road, enter the soi next to blue sign “Baby Best Buy เบบี่ เบสท์ บาย”, past Surada guesthouse สุรคา เกสท์เฮาส์ and a massage place. There is no sign for the sauna and the entrance is dimly lit (bottom left in picture, picture taken from inside the soi, camera pointing north-west). House number 4665.

80 m south of Pho Si road ถนนโพศรี and 30 m west of the railway line.

Entry 129 Baht. No theme days. Underwear from Silom (?) for sale for 200 Baht.

1st floor (ground floor) reception, locker, lounge, gym, porn room, steam room (only light through glass door), open shower, free water with re-usable plastic cups
2nd floor private and group rooms, smoking room and library (magazines).

White porn was played when I was there. Flimsy towel on both visits. All customers in underwear (style ok), some with towel tucked in. You can see the railway line from 2nd floor rooms. Water in the shower is cold (really cold in winter!). The whole place is overly decorated without style. Staff says sauna is busiest Sat and Sun 5 to 11 pm.

Friday 23.01.2015
Arrive 20:10. More than 10 customers (for the pedants: that could mean there were 100 customers, but I mean "clearly but barely more than 10", less than "about 15"). Steam room luke warm. Some activity in steam room, but with light only through glass door I can’t see who is touching me, so I don’t participate. Upon leaving 21:15, I get a voucher for 79 Baht entry on my next visit.

Saturday 24.01.2015
The voucher is only valid for Mon-Fri, but receptionist lets me in for 100 Baht. Arrive 21:00. There are about 20 other customers, among them one other Farang H. He asks me if I have been there yesterday, other customers told him about another Farang the day before. H is chatty, so we talk, and up to five boys use this chance to molest me (when alone in a sauna, I am always on the move, but now standing and chatting with H). Activities in the group room, but too dark, anyway I didn’t see anyone attractive before. I leave 22:10 with H (to have a look at railway station and go to gay disco Welcome UD together).

Verdict: cleanliness and maintenance ok, but customer base (average bodies in their thirties) not my type.

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