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Wat Khuat in Songkhla province

Wat Khuat in Songkhla province

I learned about this place in a book I saw and bought at a book fair: ๑๐๐๙ ทางบุญ พลังศรัทธาแห่งศาสนา บนเส้นทางบุญภาคใต้ ISBN 978-974-679-197-7, and armed with this information I found a website in Japanese with pictures and Thai names: http://maleangpo.blogspot.com/2012/02/wat-khuat-songkhla.html and several Thai websites: http://www.songkhla-city.com/TH/content/pages/watkhuad_09062013_s.aspx and http://www.manager.co.th/South/ViewNews.aspx?NewsID=9550000076752. I did not spot an ubosot, but there was one building under construction (construction abandoned?). I don't know the real name of the wat, maybe it's not a full wat yet (without ubosot), and has not received a full name yet.

“วัดขวด” หรือสถานปฏิบัติธรรมโคกสัก
หมู่ 5 บ้านคลองหาน ตำบลบ้านแค อำเภอจะนะ จังหวัดสงขลา 

6°49'07.4"N 100°39'18.4"E 6.818714, 100.655110
About 30 km by air or 50 km by road south-east of Hat Yai, 5.7 km by road west of hwy 408.

Thursday 08.01.2014
Arrive at Hat Yai main bus station 9:03 and inquire at platform 27 (line 8304 Hat Yai หาดใหญ่ - Chana จะนะ - Nathawee นาทวี): next van at 10 or when full. I wait, the van leaves 9:51, passes Chana 10:27, I get out at Baan Kae school โรงเรียนบ้านแค 10:44, fare 60 Baht. Walk and get a free lift to the wat, arrive 11:02. 

The red and white circles on the ceiling are sea shells:




Leave 12:11, walk back almost all the way before I get a lift to hwy 408 12:45-50. Inquire at a restaurant about vans or songtheos: next one will be around 2 pm, but they have to call station. That sounds strange, never had this before, but the fare is the same (60 Baht - I have to make sure its the regular van and not car for hire!). Have lunch and watch road: about every five minutes a van or songtheo passes (I can make out line 1888 Chana - Nathawee (?) and line 1874), so getting there or back would not be problem. Van 8304 stops and honks, I get in. Now I realize why they had to call: there is just one seat left, the seat they reserved for me. 60 Baht, 13:46 Baan Kae school - 14:26 Hat Yai bus station.

Now I understand why vans elsewhere didn't stop for me: There are some lines that have few passengers leaving and entering on the way, so they were full. Although on one ride a year ago, I was in a full van and it stopped to let others in, finally there were three  people standing in addition to all seats occupied and luggage in the aisle! And I was sitting with my back on the seat, my knees on the seat in front of my, and body contact with both passengers on my side, narrower seats than in an airplane!

To my knowledge, there are three bottle temples in Thailand, and I have been to all of them over the last 12 months:

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