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Welcome Pub เวลคัม ผับ คลองตัน Bangkok Sukhumvit Soi 71

Welcome Pub เวลคัม ผับ คลองตัน Bangkok Sukhumvit Soi 71
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Update Aug 2015: Thai friend said the moved to Pattanakarn Soi 16, I didn't confirm yet.
Update Sep2015: drive past in a taxi, the entire block has been torn down.


Sukhumvit สุขุมวิท Soi 71 = Pridi Panomyong ปรีดีพนมยงค์, between Soi 46 = Soi Chit Wari ซอยจิตรวารี and Soi 48. There is some shrubbery at the curb/kerb stone, it’s difficult to see from the road. About 600 m south of Klong Tan intersection (where Sukhumvit Soi 71 = Pridi Panomyong becomes Ramkhamhaeng road ถ.รามคำแหง and Phetchaburi road ถ.เพชรบุรี becomes Pathhanakan ถ.พัฒนาการ) or 800 m south of Ramkhamhaeng ARL station.

An Esso petrol station (with Tesco Lotus Express Branch 197 Klong Tan สาขา 197 คลองตัน) is 40 m south, bridge over Klong Tan is about 240 m north of Welcome Pub. That bridge has a U-turn underpass, might be the easiest way to cross the street, even at that time there was so much traffic (2 lanes in each direction) that I had to wait minutes to cross. Nearest 7/11 are branch 3081 Pridi Panomyong Soi 44 and 0811 Pridi Panomyong Soi 45.

Friday 16.01.2015

From Sathorn by taxi (via Phetchaburi and Klong Tan) 100 Baht. Arrive 23:20, few customers. I have been once before, 28.06.2010, on invitation by a friend:

http://www.gaythailand.com/forums/topic/5711-trip-report-24062010-07072010-bangkok-pattaya/. (I clearly remembered I mentioned Welcome Pub once on the forums, but had to change keywords for search on the internet several times until I found that post!)

From that visit I remember painfully loud music (I had to hold my ears or go out, it was unbearable), but now music level is ok (nonetheless, I put in earplugs later). In other places as well, I find music level ok where I used to say it’s too loud. When I watch movies from DVD with a 77 year old Farang friend, I have to turn up the volume so I can better understand. When I have dinner with friends, I shout across the table. Does that mean I am slowly becoming deaf?

Around midnight it’s full, but I can still easily walk around. Tables reserved, mixers on them, but nobody there yet. Around 1 am it’s crowded, difficult to move around. Estimated 150 customers, not a single other Farang.

00:17-35 Singing, dancing, cabaret on stage, then tables are moved onto stage, which means show is over.

We got a poor place, right next to the stage, but as well right next to toilet (which doubles as smoking room, every time the door is open I can smell smoke) and in the airflow of aircon. Not only inside I feel cool, outside as well!

I don’t drink, I don’t sing, I don’t dance, it’s becoming boring so I leave 1:48 and take taxi home alone. Before I spend some time reading on my phone, and my friend spent some time playing on his phone. Some boys showed an interest in me when I was walking around alone. My friend comes back 5 am and says the place closed 4 am. He has a receipt for the bottle of whisky, I would rather he had brought it back (I paid for it about 850 Baht in 7/11), because I won’t be back soon.

They sometimes advert in gay magazines, and there is another branch in Udon Thani which is called Welcome U.D. Pub เวลคัม ยูดี ผับ (both advertise in Max Magazine Nov 2014).

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  1. watch out for that whiskey: in many places they only store it for 1 month or so. Did they scribbble the date on it?

    1. I know from elsewhere that storage time is limited, I don't go to disco often so I let the boy I went with keep the card whenever I buy a bottle, or even better take the bottle home.

  2. They sometimes have coyote boys. A friend showed me pictures, must have been on the night from Mon 02.03.2015 to Tue 03.03.2015, after 1:30 am.

  3. Have been going to welcome since 2006, as my apartment at the time was at Pridi 45, almost right opposite the club. Noticed it was gone when I went to the karaoke opposite (one that I still go to whilst in BKK). They have indeed moved to Pattanakan soi 16, which is an easy ride from Klong Tan.

    Haven't had the chance to check it out this time, will definitely check it out next time.


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