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Dating Thai boys (23) Handing out my phone number

Dating Thai boys (23) Handing out my phone number

Definition: “Exchange phone numbers” means I give him my phone number and he gives me his phone number; “handing out my phone number” he gets my phone number, I don’t get his phone number.

Upon recommendation on the forums (2 or 3 years ago), I printed cards with my name in English and Thai and my phone number to hand out to cute boys. I did so sparsely, and with little success. Actually no success at all, based on about 10 instances within the last two years, 8 didn’t call, 2 did call but it didn’t lead anywhere (only waste of time and money).

Giving a card with my number to a boy is less intrusive (details see below) than asking to exchange phone numbers, and can be done quickly and without others noticing (that leaves the question: should I do it in a way that others notice or do not notice?). Of course it’s important to remember his name and circumstances, so I can match his call to his face.

Typical occasions where I hand out my phone number would be in a gay disco or in a bus/train or when chatting someone up in public, after chatting with the boy and finding out that he lives somewhere I can travel to or even better he can come to my place.

Advantage: When he calls, I know he is interested. Whereas when exchanging phone number, both of us could wait in vain for the other to call. And when he doesn’t call, you don’t spam your phone directory (I have so many numbers, I save new numbers with name, home province, date we first met to help my memory to assign the name to a person).

Disadvantage: You get a call from an unknown number (and then I have to go through memory, who could it be?) When I was you, you never knew who was calling, and all phones were landline (i.e. you had to go to the phone).

Now I came to the conclusion that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, and will hand out phone numbers far more often than before. Or is it that I have exhausted all other methods to meet boys for free (disco, sauna, internet) and found them unsatisfactory? The investment of time and money is negligible compared to other ways of dating.

“Less intrusive than asking for phone number” I sometimes meet boys who have no phone (really!) and ask for my number. I would rather not give them my number (because so far none of them was that interesting that I would want to meet him again), but don’t know how to do this in a face-saving way. So I give him my number and get several calls from him via friend’s phones or public phones, every time the same, asking for name and details so I remember who it is, until he loses interest. What would my readers do?

Would it be better to write on scraps of paper or have printed cards (like namecards), which look more professional but can give the impression that you hand out phone numbers on a regular basis?

Do my readers have experience? I am talking about non-moneyboys, not about exchanging numbers with boys in bars to avoid off fee.

I estimate to hand out 50 cards in 2015, 20 will call, 5 out of the 5 will be not totally averse to to gay sex, and I might get one of the 50 to gay sex, paid or free. I will update with case studies.

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  1. Time is of the essence in Th. If it doesn't happen then, it won't be initiated by phone unless dire financial need . It might happen next time you meet. Th get out of their comfort zone for money.

  2. cannot answer this. Anyway: fuer heute doch eine guter Rutsch gewunscht.


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