Monday, 15 December 2014

Wat Taphan near Victory Monument

Wat Taphan near Victory Monument

I noticed the golden chedi when driving past on the elevated tollway from Victory Monument to Pattaya and decided to visit on ground.

Wat Thatsanarun Suntharikaram / Wat Thassanaroon Soontarikaram (Wat Taphan) วัดทัศนาการุณสุนทริการาม (วัดตะพาน)

Kwaeng Makkasan, Khet Ratchatewi แขวงมักกะสัน เขตราชเทวี

13°45'41.2"N 100°32'38.2"E = 13.761438, 100.543936

Century Park Hotel overlooks the wat from the east, and the elevated tollway from the north.

Mother-of-pearl inlays in all doors and window blinds.

Unconventional mural paintings.

In the course of preparing this post, I came across a website that seems to list all temples in Thailand (by province, district, alphabetically), and has detailed entries for some of them, here the entry for this temple: http://www.วัด.ไทย/วัดทัศนารุณสุนทริการาม/

There are about 30,000 wats in Thailand (citation need) and I once saw an old book that lists all wats in a second hand bookshop.

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