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Wat Rahan in Buriram province

Wat Rahan in Buriram province

Wat Rahan วัดระหาน (full name วัดเกาะแก้วธุดงคสถาน) in Buriram province, Baan Daan บ้านด่าน district.

I learnt of this place (with picture) from a map I saw in Srisaket, but there are no pictures of it or it's not mentioned at all in the tourist guides I own.

15°08'07.1"N 103°11'25.8"E = 15.135314, 103.190510
(But search for วัดระหาน leads to a wrong place a few km away.)

North of Buriram, about 1 km east of hwy 219. Easily visable from hwy.  21 km by road from Buriram town center, took us 25 minutes on my friend's mocy. Easily accessible by public transport (e.g. bus 275 and songtheo 4339 drive past on hwy 219). I have taken bus 275 Buriram - Roi Et in June, but didn't notice the wat. I spotted songtheo 4339 from our mocy, but didn't see them (or signs) in Buriram bus station, which means there must be another spot in Buriram where this songtheo departs.

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  1. Hi, I'm a new tourist here and I really like ur blog. Is it possible that u add me in Line coz I want to ask u something. My line id is arowex... thanks

  2. local STs in provincial towns often have stands/gather at the local wet market. Depending on how the busstation is located, they may/or may not serve it ''en-route''.


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