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Bus station at government center

Bus station at government center

Governement Center with Immigration on Chaeng Wattana road ศูนย์ราชการแจ้งวัฒนะ is not well connected by public transport. Many farang have to go there for visa issues, from Sathorn/Silom/Sukhumvit it's about 200 Baht by taxi each way.

The best way to go there by public transport is MRT to Chatuchak จัตุจักร = BTS to Mor Chit  หมอชิต and then bus 52 to Pak Kret ปากเกร็ด which drives past, however still a km walk from main road or mocy taxi for 20 Baht.

Update: bus 166 from Victory Monument NW corner is the most convenient by my standards public transport to get there and away.

Detailed times of my last visa extension on Thursday 20.11.2014:
11:39 MRT Klong Toey entrance
11:42 MRT Klong Toey platform
12:13 wait for bus on Pahonyothin road
12:18-43 bus 52 to Government center
12:43-58 walk to immigration (no need to haste, lunch break 12-13)
13:25-50 queue (7 before me)
13:50-55 sit at table with officer
13:55-14:21 wait to get passport back

Additional information that's not on the web: you have to sign all photocopies of your passport pages, they ask for your phone number (write either in "reason (s) for extension" or under the picture, I once again used a picture that is over a year old and visibly smaller than the field*, last time they scrutinized my address so this time I checked in my rent contract (similar for arrival card at airport, they pay attention to the address).

*I have several left from Vientiane, you need different sizes for different forms, but so far no problem with pictures that are about 5 mm smaller in each dimension than required.

But now to the subject of this post: the bus station. It's not on current Bangkok Bus Guide (thinknet 99 Baht) or on the internet.

Government complex is that vast that they have a free shuttle bus:

The bus terminal has an overview of lines 66, 114, 166, 505 and three more without number. However, only line 66 and 166 seem to actually stop there. I asked for line 505 (Lumpini - Government complex, that would allow direct access from Silom/Sathorn, but this line does not stop there).
has these two lines (66 and 166) with government complex as destination.

For line 166, there is even a timetable posted:

some websites with useful information (maps and transport options): 

Update 18jan2017:
A friend went on Thu 12jan2017 morning, taxi from Mor Chit BTS 120 Baht, taxi back 140 Baht.
I went on Fri 13jan2017. 
11:58-12:31 bus 74 for 9 Baht from Bon Gai to Victory Monument
12:48-13:20 bus 166 air for 18 Baht from ViMo to Government Complex (via expressway), there are two lines 166, some go to Pak Kret and do not pass GoCo, read their sign in Thai or ask.
(walk to GoCo, copies in underground, fill out form)
13:46 get queue number, 20 waiting  
14:18-20 at counter
14:50 passport back  

Update 23jan2018: taxis asking for 200 to 300 THB between GoCo and Mor Chit BTS: 

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  1. 66 is of no use to most people, it runs via north Samsen rd (Not near KhaoSarn) via Thonburi bridge, and then most end at old Sai thai, lots of jams around.
    505 has only a very few trips mo-fr that serve this centre, it ends Pak Kred, so its quite a distance from there.
    Also bus 356 (NOT BMTA) and 150 run past on Chaeng wattana rd.
    Can also take normal train to near your old home-Laksi station, its not that far from there. Admire how they now start works for a new skytrain/railway there.

  2. I must say you certainly go out of your way to confuse people.
    Went to immigration this morning.
    BTS to Mor Chit. Bus 52 to immigration. Walk 10 minutes because it was a nice morning and there was no rush.
    Why do you always have to make everything seem 100 times harder than it is ?
    Sure I could take bus number 155,105,555 etc etc from here there and everywhere. But like most people I look for the most direct route and don't really want to spend 2 hours stuck on a bus in the center of Bangkok.

    1. That's what I said (BTS, bus 52, walk), with some more words. The other bus lines is additional information, proving that there is no direct connection to Lumpini park.

  3. Thu 03.12.2015 Immigration Share taxi with friend, dep Malaysia hotel 9:40, arr Immigration Chaeng Wattana 10:29, 240 Baht + tolls. Some detours (enter expressway at Nang Linchi, pass Wat Bua Kwan, exit west of Immigration). I had to wait 10:57-13:42 (including lunch break 12-13) to hand my documents in, then 13:48-14:37 to get passport back. There were 33 people ahead of me. New opening times: 8:30-16:30. New rules: no shorts, no flip flops. I was wearing shorts and flip-flops, and so did many others, no problem. But will dress properly next time. Once again, my address was scrutinized and on another counter officer asked customer to show exact location and name on googlemaps on her (officer’s) mobile phone.


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