Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Sunflower fields at Khao Chin Lae

Sunflower fields at Khao Chin Lae

The most scenic sunflower fields (Lopburi and Saraburi Nov-Jan) have Khao Chin Lae เขาจีนแล in the background. I drove past (bus 601 on hwy 3017) on the way to Pa Sak Chonlasit dam and stopped on the return to Lopburi. (Bus line 2300 to Khao Noi เขาน้อย and green songtheo line 12 pass as well.)

Bus 601 from hwy 3017 near dam 15:13 to hwy 3017 near Khao Chin Lae 16:08 (ask driver to let me out near the mountain, there are signs for the wat that is on the mountain). 30 Baht. 

About 800 m walk from hwy 3017 to the sunflower fields (free entry, some shops on the road). The following pictures were taken at 16:16 in 14°48'35.6"N 100°45'02.1"E = 14.809904, 100.750582.

Not the most famous view of this mountain with sunflower field (which would be like this: The sunflowers are pointing down, and surprisingly they are not directed towards the sun, but approximately perpendicular (pictures are taken northwards, sun is in the west, i.e. left on the picture).

A day cannot be a good day if I haven't been to at least one wat (but don't mention it in the headline, it deters readers!). You can spot the Buddha statue on the mountain from hwy 3017, and that's where I went after the sunflower field. Total distance by air 3.2 km from hwy 3017.

Wat Waeluwan (Wat Khao Chin Lae) วัดเวฬุวัน (วัดเขาจีนแล). Entrance gate in shape of Hanuman's (?) หนุมาน mouth.

Dozens of peacocks running around.

Climb up to the Buddha statue (436 steps), view from there:

Return to Lopburi by hitchhike on mocy to Pahonyothin road, then songtheo 2467 (10 Baht).

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  1. Did you really notice that if there's "wat" in a headline, readership is reduced or you just making it up ? just curious

    1. Yes, posts about bars and boys get more views than about wats.

    2. You got your fame as boy reporter so it makes sense


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