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Lopburi ลพบุรี general information

Lopburi ลพบุรี general information

Saturday 29.11.2014

Train from Bangkok to Lopburi (211 ordinary, schedule 12:55-15:39, reality 12:54-16:02, price 28 Baht in 3rd class). A Thai friend told me I wouldn't need a hotel reservation, but when I arrived my first and second choice were booked out, I ended in Suphonphong hotel รร.สุพรพงษ์ with standard room (fan, Thai toilet, cold water) for 200 Baht per night.

Clean room, good location (100 m from railway station), no complaints except for labyrinthine way from entrance to room (I counted: 11 turns of 90 degree), fortunately I don't drink, I wouldn't find the way if I were drunk!

Prang Sam Yot ปรางค์สามยอด Khmer sanctuary in central location in Lopburi old town, one of the spots where the monkeys live and where the festival will be held.

A Thai friend says that all the shops near the sanctuary went out of operation for the presence of monkeys, and indeed the shutters were down whenever I walked past.

If you thought monkeys were cute, think again. After being there, I would say they are a pest. Areas where they live look like chicken pen: not just dusty, but thoroughly soiled and scratched and picked upon. And not just confined to the ground, to all surfaces. Some houses have kind of electrical fence to prevent them from going second floor and upwards. 

In my three days / two nights in Lopburi, I have been robbed of an empty drink cup (which I was going to dispose anyway) by a monkey (this constitutes the first successful robbery, albeit by a monkey; previous attempts at robbery by humans were not successful) and beaten (first the monkey moved away to make room for me to pass, and then it kicked me in the arm!). 

There is a small backpacker scene near the railway station, a few guesthouses and bars. Apart from that, Lopburi is off the tourist track.

Sunday 30.11.2014

Monkey festival in separate post. Former royal palace and museum. Entry 150 Baht for foreigner, free for Thai. You could slip in for free from the side if you really want to. Some buildings have been restored and are used as a museum.

But most buildings in the palace are in ruins. Same is true for many other old buildings of historic or religious importance.

Monday 01.12.2014 

Check out but leave backpack in hotel. Pa Sak Chonlasit dam and sunflower fields at Khao Chin Lae (separate posts). 

The entire trip (3 days / 2 nights) cost me 1858 Baht, as I had no opportunity to indulge in prostitution or pizza and there was no need for individual transport (hire car and driver).

TAT office moved from old town (near railway station and palace) to Narai roundabout, but there are still maps and signs pointing to the old location (similar in Chiang Mai, moved from just east of iron bridge to diagonally opposite Art in Paradise).

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  1. where your 1st/2nd choice re Hotel those backpacker places? did you hit any real backpacker? or any try to see if there would be a gay meeting place?
    Another town, likely 2nd place for seeing also those pesky monkeys is Phetchburi, near/on the hill for an ex royal palace too-with short cableway up. Your warning re those ''ling'' is what any Thai will say when you tell you plan to go there.


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