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Lomchoey and Magic Hands massage update

Lomchoey and Magic Hands massage update

Both places in Soi Ngam Duplee ซอยามดูพลี near Malaysia hotel, they have been open for many years.

In Lomchoey, I had massage with a boy Zacky from Chiang Rai twice in October/November. Good massage and happy ending, gay, but a bit too fat and too pale for my taste. He even stayed one night with me after work, and despite me saying upfront "no money, no sex" it ended exactly that way. We are in contact on Line (it got too much, I had to block him, but now reasonable amount of messages).

15.12.2014 a boy I had there (Lomchoey) before twice (Nae from Buriram) is back (or just visiting, he told me works at Arena, which is closer to Charoenkrung where he lives), so I went for 1 h oil massage for 600 Baht (mistake in my notes? should be 400 or 500). Good massage and good happy ending, joined me in the shower afterwards. He has some scars on shoulder and hip (they look and feel like implants, compare fang mook, but I asked: mocy accident). Hunky and a bit too much body hair, so probably no repeat. However highly recommended: you can recognize him on the devil face tattooed on his right chest (and not other tattoos on his front). Only cold water in shower. General impression of Lomchoey: the place is very basic, but all masseurs (5 or more I had there) good at massage and happy ending.

I overheard him talking with the masseur in the next room. Masseur next room: Nae, do you have a condom?
Nae: No, but there should be some in the bag.
Later Nae inquired who will be fucking whom.  

20.12.2014 my first massage (1 h oil 500 Baht) at Magic Hands (the original place on Soi Ngam Duplee, now they have two more with other names on Soi Sri Bam Pen) with a boy Tono whom I spotted earlier. From Chiang Mai, has been working there 2 months. He doesn't know how tall he is (189 cm is clearly wrong, he is probably 179 cm tall). Big room upstairs, all new. I shower alone. He comes to the room in towel plus T-shirt. Takes off T-shirt halfway through massage, later I tuck on the towel and on underwear. Then I see he is far too fat for my taste (as I have guessed when I saw him fully dressed). Good massage and happy ending, but no repeat. 

There is another boy Bank from Ubon Ratchathani whom I'm preying on, but will go to one of the places in Silom first. And there is one boy I fancy in their new place HiSo massage (where Lido was located previously), but at 800 for 1 h oil I will skip.

That's about 6000 Baht spent on 4 massages (1 h oil) with 3 boys, an nothing overwhelming.

In case you wonder why I take masseurs who were not overwhelming again (Zacky twice, Nae thrice), I try to overcome my dislike of body fat, pale skin, body hair, but it doesn't work. 

General note on privacy in massage places: many have walls that do not reach the ceiling, you can hear what's going on elsewhere. But more important, some have doors with lock and other have a curtain, which is just an optical barrier. Someone else could walk in any time, accidentally or deliberately.

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  1. i always like it when the massaer gives you a shower, it should be part of the service anyway, the big massage place in soi twilight the boys do this with you,


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