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Cold season festival in Lopburi

Cold season festival in Lopburi งานฤดูหนาว

The observations from this festival apply to other similar festivals, which often run for a week and accompany important events. I have been to two similar festivals before: in Chantaburi จันทบุรี fruit festival and at Wat Saket วัดสระเกศ in Bangkok the festival before Loy Krathong ลอยกระทง, and at festivals of a smaller scale elsewhere.

Entry 20 Baht for adult, 10 for children. You buy a ticket at the counter, and a meter further the doorman takes it away when you enter. There were side entrances/exits without cashier and guards, you could sneak in for free there or late at night when shops start to close and cashier closes.

It occupied an area of about 200 m x 400 m, and it took me about 2 hours to walk everywhere, so many cute boys to look at and so much to see.

Not a boring moment. Contrary to visits to gay bars, discos, saunas, where I spend most of the time waiting for something to happen, and often there aren't even cute boys to look at!

Jason show เจสันโชว์ the only one in Thailand. I have seen the cylinder from outside in Chanthaburi last year. This time I buy a ticket for 40 Baht. The show itself (mocy and car driving on the wall) lasts only a minute each, if you come early you might have to wait 10 minutes.

Balancing beer bottles (no glue, just dexterity and a lot of patience), similar to

Wild almond (Irvingia malayana เม็ดกระบก) are roasted at the fair and sold at 20 Baht per bag. Tastes good, brought some with me to Bangkok. 

I haven't seen this elsewhere, and it is probably unique to Lopburi (army base): a mobile parachuting training unit. You get a certificate.

And many more (car and mocy exhibition, market for furniture, plants, clothes, food). Many cute boys. It was so good, I went again the following night. Only after two nights could I make a rough map of the area in my mind.

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