Monday, 1 December 2014

Pedestrians beware

Pedestrians beware

Bangkok is pedestrian unfriendly: sidewalk in poor condition or no sidewalk at all, blocked by parked cars or mocy or by stalls or piles of rubbish. Phnom Penh is even worse.

Once or twice per year, I hit my toe so bad that there is blood. Recent case in picture. Don't worry, the doctor said we don't have to amputate.

One could argue that this wouldn't happen if I look where I step, instead of looking after cute boys or playing on my mobile phone.

But what I really wanted to write about is the Siamese See-Saw Slab. It's a slab in the pavement that is loose and has a void below it and that can move like a see-saw. In rainy season, there will be water in the void and if you step on it, the water will be displaced and splash out, on your foot, sometimes up to your knee, and in one case I got a drop in my face.

In a dry moment in rainy season, it's easy to spot (see pictures above), but when the floor is wet it's impossible to spot. Now in dry season, there is no water underneath, hence no danger.

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  1. See saw slabs happen in any country. I guess the lesson about getting cut feet is to wear proper foot wear, rather than beach foot wear.
    The smooth pavements along Sukhumvit that become skating rinks after it rains are far more dangerous.


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