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Inter Mustache December 2014

Inter Mustache December 2014

I first went over a year ago: time for an update. Last time I went alone, this time with a Farang friend (Jellybean).

Abstract: Only 4 boys on both visits, not worth going out of your way.

Tuesday, 16.12.2014

Arrive 21:25. Man sitting outside greets us and leads us in. Manager (name Yai, good English and entertaining) says he remembers me and later provides details of my life I told him last time which proves he is right (amazing, after 14 months!). There are four boys fully dressed and no customers.

We sit down and order (water 150 Baht, orange juice 200). Before the drinks arrive, manager suggests we go upstairs to the gogo area. We are alone in the gogo room for a moment, I take picture of the room:

The four boys appear separately on the stage in underwear, only one boy at a time, the others waiting outside in the staircase (as I could see via a mirror). Music and aircon ok, but I didn't like the light.

Manager told us they have about 15 boys, but 5 have been offed already and 3 are busy with massage (but there were no boys or customers passing). Either they really have a lot of out call business, or they are low on boys. And reflecting back to my first visit, they probably just were to lazy to undress for me as a single customer.

Manager tells us Inter Mustache is the oldest gay bar in Bangkok, 32 years operating in the same place. I inquire about prices: off fee 600, short time tip 1500, long time 2000. Third floor has massage rooms, massage all inclusive for 2000 (he did not specify what kind of massage and how long). When questioned about the price (christianpfc has been to many low cost and Jellybean to many high cost massage places, we are not easily fooled), he retreats and says 1500 all included would be ok.

There were some requests for drinks and offers of boys, which dripped off me but Jellybean later confided that he found the pressure very high and felt uncomfortable.

For report by Jellybean read here: (with confirmation of low number of boys by other poster).

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  1. the offs may well have been true- not that those customers come in, its fone-order for home delivery. Was the main part of bisnis of such hi-soo places long ago. Probably slowly being eating away by www and smartfones-except that utter discretion may also be part of the deal.


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