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Dating Thai boys (21) A week with headache boy

Dating Thai boys (21) A week with headache boy

I renamed ex-boyfriend candidate 3 to "headache boy", because he often gives me headache and had headache himself recently. In retrospective, he gave me more headaches than orgasms, but I keep seeing him, he is different from all other boys I have met.

I know I start at lowest priority when I meet a new boy, but with some boys, after several meetings and spending some money, I achieve a status above their pet animal. Not with this one, his erratic behavior seems to be innate and not just total lack of respect for me.

You will notice that his English is strange, but understandable. I don't know if there is any use in correcting him. 

[LINE] Chat with headache boy
Saved time:2014/12/07 23:31

19:29    christianpfc    I'm going back to Bangkok now. (From Lopburi, we meet usually twice per week.)

Hours later, message not read, so I call him and he wants to meet 9 am tomorrow.

8:27    christianpfc    Hello

Try to call him around noon, no reply. This is no surprise, I just go on with my daily business.

17:47    headache boy    Today I can't going now
17:47    headache boy    You Ok
17:47    headache boy    See you tomorrow (or not)
17:47    headache boy    [Sticker]
18:22    christianpfc    What happened?

16:45    christianpfc    Nice uniform. (New profile picture.) 

He didn't come, but that was no surprise to me.

14:06    headache boy    Hello
14:06    headache boy    How are you doing
14:06    headache boy    (doze off)(doze off)
14:26    christianpfc    Watch movie with friend
14:26    headache boy    You come back to the room what time
14:27    headache boy    To day I want going room u
14:27    christianpfc    4
14:27    headache boy    4
14:27    headache boy    What 4
14:28    christianpfc    16น  (16:00)
14:29    headache boy    เค
14:29    headache boy    See you 16 time
14:30    christianpfc    อย่าสายนะครับ (don't be late)
14:30    headache boy    คนับ
14:30    headache boy    Ok
15:54    christianpfc    Where are you now?
15:54    headache boy    Siam
15:55    headache boy    Just now
15:56    christianpfc    I go running at 5. We can't meet today. (I have another appointment later, and if he is in Siam now, he will be an hour late and mess up my plans for the night. Better cancel.)
16:06    headache boy    I'm going to
16:07    headache boy    You ok  go by
16:07    christianpfc    Too late, I go running now.
16:07    headache boy    [Photo] (picture of taxi interior)
16:08    christianpfc    In taxi already?
16:08    headache boy    Yes
16:08    christianpfc    OK, I wait.
16:08    headache boy    U where now
16:09    christianpfc    Going to my room.
16:10    headache boy    Ok see u
16:10    headache boy    You're waiting for me at the end.
16:11    christianpfc    Yes
16:37    headache boy    ผมอยู่ลุมพีณี (I'm in Lumpini)
16:37    headache boy    เดียวนั่งวินเข้าไป (I take mocy taxi)
16:37    headache boy    Mrt
16:37    headache boy    ลุมพี่ณี now (Lumpini)
16:37    christianpfc    Walking is better. I'm eating now.
16:38    headache boy    Ok see room
16:38    headache boy    U where now
16:39    christianpfc    Restaurant
16:41    headache boy    Ok
16:51    headache boy    I form 7 (I'm at 7/11)
16:51    headache boy    Now  

Finally, just 50 minutes late, we meet. He is hungry, so I go down to order food from the restaurant. It's the time when construction workers nearby finish work, so I have a look there while the food is being prepared, and he is in my room playing internet.
17:39    headache boy     You where now
17:41    christianpfc    Wait for food

When I return, he is waiting for me outside: his mother called, he has to go back. I will eat the food I ordered for him later. He is in such a hurry that he doesn't ask me for 
money. Later I realize that he probably stole 1500 Baht from me, but I am not absolutely sure. I have various stuff in the wardrobe, amongst it varying amounts of cash. He opened that door some time ago and must have seen the money. Now I counted exactly, so next time I will know for sure if he stole money or not.) 

A bit messy, and his viewing angle will be different (picture taken from above), but the money is easy to see.


17:57    headache boy    Tonight
17:57    headache boy    I go room u (or not)
17:57    headache boy    Ok
17:58    headache boy    Now I going to home mom  call I you ok
22:28    christianpfc    I'm out with friends now

15:04    headache boy    You where now
15:04    christianpfc    In my room.
15:04    headache boy    Ok
15:12    christianpfc    I go out now, back at night.
15:52    headache boy    Ok see you tonight
15:52    headache boy    (hahaha)(hahaha)
20:47    christianpfc    Hello, where are you?

11:45    christianpfc    Good morning
23:28    christianpfc    Can't talk now (He called me, but I was in a loud bar so I didn't accept the call. Anyway, I prefer line.
23:28    christianpfc    I'm at สนามหลวง (Sanam Luang; more precisely Saranrom with a friend from Germany)
23:29    headache boy    You where now
23:29    headache boy    I want going room u 

(In the first weeks of meeting him, I would stop what ever I was doing and rush back to my room, only to find him coming late or not at all. Now I give him indication of time when I will be back, or even say we cannot meet if I have other plans.)
23:29    christianpfc    I eat dinner with friend.
23:29    headache boy    Ok
23:29    christianpfc    Not free now, we can meet 1 am.
23:30    christianpfc    Where are you?
23:31    headache boy    You come back to my room what is the time
23:31    headache boy    วัดสเกต (Wat Saket)
23:31    headache boy    I'm here วัดสเกต (Wat Saket)
23:32    christianpfc    Not far, we can meet there in one hour.
23:33    headache boy    Ok what time
23:34    headache boy    What time
23:34    christianpfc    00:30
23:35    headache boy    @ room you
23:35    headache boy    Ok
23:35    headache boy    See u
23:36    christianpfc    My room 1 am, now near สนามหลวง (Samam Luang)
23:36    headache boy    Ok I get
23:36    christianpfc    [Location]
23:37    headache boy    No I don't going to สนามหลวง (Sanam Luang)
23:38    headache boy    I don't like
23:38    christianpfc    Send location please
23:38    headache boy    [ตำแหน่งที่อยู่] 335/2 ถนน มหาไชย แขวง สำราญราษฎร์ เขต พระนคร กรุงเทพมหานคร 10200 ประเทศไทย :,100.505105&spn=0.029488,0.083942&z=14

24:37    christianpfc    I'm going home now. Where are you?
1:26    christianpfc    In my room now. 

(1:38 he calls me, music in the background, which means he is not on the way yet) 
1:55    headache boy    Going now
1:55    headache boy    [Photo]
1:55    headache boy    รถติด (traffic jam)
1:56    headache boy    รอแปปป (wait a moment)
1:56    christianpfc    See you soon
1:56    headache boy    Ok

(2:08 he calls me, I go down to open the door) 

Our last encounter (urgent call from mom while I was getting food for him) taught me "fuck first, talk later" which I do now before he gets away. Afterwards, we talk and watch pictures about my recent Lopburi trip and his recent trip to Petchaboon. Then I try to sleep and he plays on his mobile phone.

3:26    headache boy    Goodnight 

About 3:30, he tells me he has headache and migraine and wants medicine. He dresses and I give him my keys so he can go to 7/11 or pharmacy.

(3:41 call from downstairs: He doesn't like the look of some people who sit outside and eat and drink, or there was a soi dog, and wants me to come down - no way! He returns without medicine.)

3:48    headache boy    [Photo] (He shows me which medicine he wants on his phone and sends me a picture. I go to 7/11 and buy it - Paracetamol - for him. Shortly afterwards, he decides to go home, his mother will take him to hospital. I give him 300 Baht and say goodbye. I am happy with this outcome, I have an appointment at 10, which means I would have to kick him out or let him stay unattended in my room the entire afternoon. Look into my drawer: all money still there.)

10:17    christianpfc    Good morning. How are you?
10:18    headache boy    Good morning
10:18    headache boy    Today you going?
10:28    christianpfc    Chinatown with friend
11:12    headache boy    [Photo] (dentist)
11:12    headache boy    ทำฟัน (dentist)

This week was particularly difficult, but most of our other encounters were not much better. A mild case of ADHS? If you have read until here, you probably have a headache as well. I am not sure what to do if/when I can confirm that he steals. The logical reply would be to drop him, block him and delete all contact information. But he is very cute, I sometimes get a boner already when I hug him, and he is comparatively cheap - from a purely monetary point of view, even if you include the unconfirmed theft.
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  1. ADHS, yes but what about headache boy ?
    Just a thought- you write down every baht you spend, why not bore yourself and read thru your notes then check against the money you have in your wardrobe.

  2. That money was out of my wallet and would go back into my wallet, it's not spent. From my notes, I cannot calculate how much money I have in my wallet/wardrobe.

  3. You should back your accounts with a systematic check of what is left - let's say, once or twice a day. This is what every shopkeeper does, and also basic accountancy. This way, you :
    1 - would be sure never to forget any expense (or have an "unknown expenses" item for small amounts)
    2 - would immediately know if any money is missing and how much (from stealing or shortchanging)

  4. certainly you are going through a lot of trouble to get cheap fuck but obviously you like him so all those tribulations are adding to the excitement.

    As for theft, until you are sure, assume that he did not steal, if he does either drop him or at least make sure money is hidden and he is never alone in your room

    1. Yes I do like and hope I can see him again (haven't met for a month), and if he stole 1500 Baht from me every month that would still be fine.


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