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What swims and floats in Bangkok's canals

What swims and floats in Bangkok's canals

Monitor lizards (เหี้ย, bad insult in Thai) in Lumpini park are well known. But would you think that this innocent looking canal near Laksi roundabout (Ramintra/Pahonyothin/Chaeng Wattana crossing):

is home to a monitor lizard with about 1 m body length dragging a dead snake about 2 m long and as thick as my arm?

I was surprised when I spotted it while crossing a bridge, unfortunately it noticed me and the picture above was the best I could get in haste.

You might have heard about the Great Pacific garbage patch which causes causes birds to die thousands of kilometers away from inhabited (by humans) areas:

A similar phenomenon exists on Bangkok's canals, which serve as an open sewer system to people living along the canal (usually in slums). Here a collection of pictures I took when I crossed such a canal every day on my way to work or back home.

Stuffed crocodile:

Teddy bear:

A cathode ray tube from a TV:

A mattress:

Another teddy bear:

Pink bag pack:

When the water is quiet, wind can blow plastic bags upstream:

The canal is used for regular waste disposal by boat :

There is even a bank (money) on a boat in Bangkok, the only one in the world:  


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