Thursday, 11 December 2014

Cambodia day 6 Siem Reap Bayon

Cambodia day 6 Siem Reap Bayon

Saturday 05.07.2014

Rent bicycle and cycle (11:58-12:31) to Angkor Tom (Bayon, South gate).

I find these irregularly shaped stones, with or without bas relief, utterly fascinating.

I have never seen a monk with a hammer before, here are two of them:

I run into this group of local students.

Reclining Buddha.

Now my luck runs out. It rains and during my return trip (17:58-18:42), I get thoroughly drenched. 8 pm it is still raining, but I go out to buy ticket to Poipet (7 USD) and for massage. 

One of the massage places opposite Pub street has a cute gay boy Darong, and he messaged me on grindr (I appreciate it if a boy contacts me). I take one hour oil massage and we go upstairs. After some fiddling, he manages to switch on the light (some problem with electric wiring). I realize there is no bathroom. "You can take shower in your hotel." 

There are no towels either. He comes back with a kind of scarf, which I dismiss. He brings some other piece of cloth, which I dismiss as well. No oilmassage for me today. Take 30 minutes foot massage (2 USD + 3 USD tip). He points out that the entire back wall of the massage place is missing (disguised by a curtain), they had to wipe up water from the rain o their floor, and there are still raindrops on furniture. 

Rain stops, walk around town the rest of the night.

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