Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Mind Sauna Bangkok Phra Khanong

Mind Sauna Bangkok Phra Khanong

Entry 140 Baht (19 to 23 year olds 100 Baht), open 2 pm to midnight. Dress: small towel or underwear (no theme days).

Easily accessible from BTS Phra Khanong พระโขนง (about 600 m walk) or by bus from Rama 4 (exit last stop before Sukhumvit) or from Sukhumvit road (via Soi 48). From BTS On Nut 1.4 km walk.

There is Tesco Lotus Express (สาขา 374 ซอยภูมิจิดร) on nearby Soi Phumichit and 108 Shop Mini Outlet branch 0974 on the corner to Sukhumvit Soi 48.

Location: 13.711900, 100.593102 = 13°42'42.8"N 100°35'35.2"E
(exact location, on other websites up to 100 m off, making it very difficult to find)

มาย ซาวน่า ฟอร์แมน
1112/112, ถนนสุขุมวิท 48, แขวงพระโขนง เขตคลองเตย กรุงทพมหานคร, 10110

Mind sauna for men
(house numbers displayed above entrance: 1112/112-113)

1st floor (ground floor) reception, locker room (large lockers), group shower room (with hot water and shower gel and shampoo, not all saunas have this!)
2nd floor TV lounge / karaoke, free cold drinking water (other drinks for sale), the cups are plastic and re-used after washing (brownie points from ChristianPFC, other places have single use cups)
3rd floor porn lounge, labyrinth (with phosphorescent dots on the corners, so you don't bump into walls, brownie points from ChristianPFC), from third floor on two stairways (just separated by a wall) up, rooms
4th floor library (gay magazines, some easily ten years old), gym
5th floor rooms, part of that floor inaccessible (doors locked)
6th floor sauna for 3 people in operation, big sauna cold, steam room (5 can sit and 10 stand), sauna and steam room good light, group shower 

There are tiles loose and missing on the floor of shower room 1st floor. Tiles or pavement slabs support each other. To get one out of an intact tiling/pavement is difficult, but once one is removed, the rest will deteriorate quickly.That's what happening there, because they did not fix this crucial first tile.

First visit Sunday 16.11.2014, stay 18:10-55. More than 3 other customers (mathematically, that could mean there were 50 customer, but I mean I could make out 3 other customers, but there might have been a 4th and 5th who I didn't spot). Ask cashier: Fri, Sat, Sun 4 to 8 pm highest number of customers.

Second visit Saturday 20.12.2014, stay 
About 10 other customers, mostly too old and too fat. But one was slim, heavily tattooed and bearded and showed an interested (even went as far as kissing my cheek in the locker room). Underwear ok. I could not see if he is hairy elsewhere (facial hair itself not so much a problem for me, but an indicator for hair elsewhere where I don't like it).

Customers wear underwear, some have towel tucked in at the front (looking like an apron). The towel that comes with the locker is too small to wrap around the waist (unless you are anorexic).

Verdict: cleanliness and maintenance ok (apart from loose tiles), location ok, several things I like about this place, but needs more customers.

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  1. Have been there 4 or 5 times. Never more than 5 others and mostly one or two. One time cleaner disappointed we csme after 7pm. Owner pleasant. Some soi dogs growling

  2. Mind Sauna Fri 27jan2017. Entry 159 Baht, after 9 pm 99 Baht. Stay 21:44-22:05. Less than 10 customers, all too old and/or too fat for my taste. But friendly, two chat me up. Open 15-24. Everything as I remember from before: big sauna cold, small sauna hot, steam room hot (open 16-21). Old gay magazines in library interesting.


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