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Bangkok gay saunas

Bangkok gay saunas

Last updated 04.02.2014

Alphabetical list, omitting “sauna” and articles, in groups of five, with indication of location.

Absolute (Ladprao Soi 112 / Ramkhamhaeng Soi 53) Closed Nov 2014
Babylon (Sathorn)
Bangkok 10 (Silom Sipraya) Closed Dec 2014
Beach Resort (Sukhumvit Soi 71)
Chakran (BTS Ari, Soi Ari)

Cruising 1 (Pahonyothin opposite Major Cineplex Ratchayothin, open checked Aug 2014 and Jan 2015)
d.blu (Silom Saladaeng Soi 1)
Dejavu (Ladprao So 122)
EDOK (Taksin road Soi LG near Soi 14)
Farose 1 (BTS Saphan Kwai, Pradipat Soi 19, open checked August 2014)
Farose 2 (Ramkhamhaeng Soi 21)
Grey Gymnastics (Soi Ronachai 2 near Samsen railway station)
Heaven (Silom / Mahesak)
Hijack (former Gaya, Sena Center Pahonyothin Soi 37) now S Sauna Nov 2014 after police raid, closed Dec 2014
Macho (Borommaratchachonnani Soi 15 behind Central Pinklao)
Male Box (Rama II Soi 52 opposite Big C and HomePro)
Mania (Silom Soi Convent)
Men Factory (Silom Soi 2/1)
Mind (Sukhumvit Soi 48)
M-Place (Tiwanon Road Nonthaburi)
Muffil (Ladprao Soi 113)
Orion (Boromratchachonani)
Out (former Cruising 2, Sukhotai road)
Paradise (Bang Khen)
Pumarin (near Zeer Rangsit)
R3 (Ratchada Soi 3, new July 2014)
Rush (Sukhumvit 48/3, BTS On Nut)
Safe House (Sukhumvit 78)
Seed (near Ramhamhaeng University)
Troy (Ladprao Soi 5) gone, checked Jan 2015
39 underground (Pahonyothin BTS Saphan Kwai)
Zuga House (Ramkhamhaeng Soi 46) reported closed Dec 2014

That makes 32. I learned of some of them only while compiling this list.

I have been to Babylon (about 10 times), Bangkok 10 (1), Beach Resort (1), Chakran (10), d.blu (1), Dejavu (4), Edok (2), Farose 2 (about 5 times), Heaven (1), Hijack (2, once when it was Gaya), Mania (2), Men Factory (2), Muffil (3), Pumarin (1), Seed (5), 39 underground (about 5-10 times), that makes 15.

With recent success at saunas (on average 1 out of 2 visits, before it was 1 out of 5, making Saranrom a cheaper option), I will go to more saunas and try to visit most of them, twice for a balanced impression. (most detailed and up-to-date) (very outdated and incomplete)

Update 24.09.2014
Adonis sauna (Pradipat 169/44 near Elizabeth Hotel) closed confirmed. Sign removed, renovation going on.

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  1. Seed?? where is that? not mentioned

  2. i thought you had been to cruisey 1 sauna before one time?

  3. good work, I thought there were more-how did you check if they were still open? There should also be 1 just over SamRong/BKK-border, about 15 mins beyond end of BTS-Boring.
    From my last view-Utopia was also quite out of date with BKK.
    Could you maybe describe what make you have now more success in scoring?

  4. another fairly new one is RUSH, somewhere near/on Sukh 48-advertises on
    Paradise BangKhen is not really in BK, but just east of the MALL NgamWongWan, just a small homey one.
    And so SEED has reopened now? Other place?

  5. Seed is mainly internet cafe, but in the new location they have a sauna that can accommodate two normal built Thai.

    I have not been to Cruising 1.

    Somehow missed Rush - it's not listed in the websites I quoted!. Will check and update.

    I checked these places online; only for Farose 1 I can confirm from checking in person, it is still open (there was incorrect information about it being closed on the internet).

    Darkrooms eliminate the need for a cute face. Slim body, absence of body hair and warm dry skin is sufficient.

  6. and where is Seed? What soi?

  7. i too thought you went to cruisy 1 sauna before?

  8. that place just over BKk-Sam Rong border is SAFE PLACE.
    Troy is also reported closed.
    there should be some place named Hercules- near faraway Siam Waterpark.
    Mania is usually named Sauna mania-populair among visiting mainland Chinese.

  9. I think Rush never opened. Nothing on the web except about forthcoming opening then nada. Hercules closed. New Seed great. Dblu not a real sauna, more of a massage place.


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