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Trip to Khon Kaen August 2014

Trip to Khon Kaen August 2014

Thursday, 31.07.2014

At Mor Chit bus station same problem as last time: there are several counters that sell tickets to Khon Kaen, but you have to ask around which bus operator has the next bus (there was one counter that had a bus leaving in two hours, another one had one in 20 minutes). Buy ticket from Chan tour (ชาญทัวร์) 420 Baht for VIP bus: 3 seats in a row, I get the front seat on second floor, with good view. A full meal is served during the ride. There are blankets, and you need them, I had to wrap it around my legs (wearing shorts), and still felt slightly cold during the ride. Schedule departure 13:30, 6 hours; reality 13:36-19:47. A pleasant ride with a lot to see along the road.

After check in (Kaen Nakorn Hotel, no reservation, walk-in 500 Baht per night), stroll around the lake (Bueng Kaen Nakorn บึงแก่นนคร) 10-11 pm. Very little activity, less than 20 people, groups of mixed gender and two single woman who appeared available. There is a fence around the entire lake, with many gates, all open. 

(Update: my Thai friend said there are available boys in the park (near railway station?), not  around the lake; I should have listened more carefully.)

Around midnight, night market in Ruen Rom road is closing. Check location of G-Star Palace disco and go to bed.

Friday 01.08.2014

Go to Central Plaza to meet a Thai friend S. Acquaintance from Camfrog from 3 years ago. 

Still in Central Plaza, meet a fellow blogger who shares an interest in weird places, Chris Backe from After exchanging travel stories over a drink, we discuss books about Thailand in a bookshop in Central Plaza. From Chris, I get a tip about a temple (Wat Thung Setthi) with a Buddhist hell garden near Khon Kaen which I put on my schedule for tomorrow.

Sightseeing in Phra Mahathat Kaen Nakhon in separate post. When leaving, I walk past the school attached to the wat and an English teacher C asks me to have a conversation with his students. I use this occasion to ask him about Wat Thung Setthi, he has heard about it, but never been there, and offers to take me for free the following day. I was already thinking about public transport, hiring a driver or renting a bicycle, but none of these necessary.

Walk around lake in the afternoon (16:45-17:40). Many people around, doing sport or relaxing, no cruising activity.

Back to hotel, where S is already waiting for me. He is not so much my type, but after chatting for 3 years and some camsex, I think I owe him a pity fuck (18:30-19:25). 

S has a car (gift from his mother for his 18th birthday), and offers to take me to The Beach Khon Kaen sauna (which is a few km away, he was not aware of that place and wants to have a look as well). I have dinner and go to sauna (separate post).

Walk back to town, have a look at nightmarket and go to G-Star Pavilion (separate post).

Saturday 02.08.2014

C picks me up at my hotel (check out, take all my luggage with me for subsequent bus ride to Roi Et) and invites me for breakfast. Then ride to Wat Thung Setthi (separate post). What he didn't tell me that this is part of a business trip, meeting other friends and business partners on the way back, in addition traffic jam in Khon Kaen, so return and delivery to bus station takes 3.5 hours. Fortunately I am not pressed for time. Roi Et separate post.

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  1. I like your phrase " I owe him a pity fuck", can imagine actually suffering of both sides


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