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Dating Thai boys (11) He’s not interested

Dating Thai boys (11) He’s not interested

After tremendous response to part 10 (I’m not interested) here the opposite case.

Typical signs: It’s always me who starts conversation, slow in replying, boy never has time, ultimately: “Sometime I think I don't have free time for because next week I think my teacher give a many many homework for weekend.” Answers do not fit to question. “Hello, what do you do next weekend?” “Yes.” Doesn’t give out his phone number (I asked twice).

After a very promising chat on camfrog (upcoming part 12), no time to meet. I think the following was the case: while I was in Paris and he in Chanthaburi, it was easy to exchange compliments and proclaim the wish to meet in the future. But once it gets real (ChristianPFC in Thailand, asking for time and place to meet), he realizes that the fool on the other side of the line (that's me!) is serious and back-pedals.

This series (Dating Thai boys) serves as well as a warning to my readers: all communication (emails and private messages on forums) will be stored and might one day be turned into a blog post (after editing personal information).

Chat on facebook (after first contact on Camfrog, see part 12).

Conversation started August 2, 2012 8/2, 9:13pm ChristianPFC
Hello, how are you? Hope to see you again on camfrog.
Regards, Christian

8/2, 10:45pm Chanthaburi Boy

November 10, 2012 11/10, 7:39pm ChristianPFC
Hello, I will go to Thailand for holiday from 22.11. to 12.12.2012. I would like to go to Chantaburi and meet you. On which days are you free? Regards, Christian

11/10, 8:53pm Chanthaburi Boy
I have to study everyday

11/10, 11:04pm ChristianPFC
Even on weekend? I can help you with English language if you want. Or we can try again next year.

11/10, 11:15pm Chanthaburi Boy
What's month you come to Thailand ??

November 11, 2012 11/11, 3:24am ChristianPFC
I come to Thailand in two weeks November 21st to December 12th

November 11, 2012 11/11, 7:55am Chanthaburi Boy
Holiday ?

November 12, 2012 11/12, 3:15am ChristianPFC
Yes, I go to Thailand for holiday.
November 12, 2012 11/12, 1:42pm Chanthaburi Boy

March 31, 2013 3/31, 9:51pm ChristianPFC
Hello, I am now living and working in Bangkok, in Lak Si area. If you come to Bangkok, please let me know. I hope we can meet. Or I can go to see you in Chantaburi. When are you free? Regards, Christian

April 1, 2013 4/1, 1:16pm Chanthaburi Boy
Tomorrow I go to Chiang Mai with my Parents >3<

April 29, 2013 4/29, 5:36pm ChristianPFC
Hello, I want to go to Chantaburi for holiday. When are you free to meet?
Regards, Christian

4/29, 5:38pm Chanthaburi Boy
I have to study everyday I don't have freetime I'm so sad !

4/29, 5:39pm ChristianPFC
Do you study even on the weekend?

4/29, 5:42pm Chanthaburi Boy

4/29, 5:44pm ChristianPFC
If you are free, please let me know. I am free every Saturday and Sunday and can come to Chantaburi.

4/29, 5:45pm Chanthaburi Boy
Yes When I have freetime I want to tell U

May 17, 2013 5/17, 5:19pm ChristianPFC
Hello, what do you do next weekend and 24.05. (Holiday Visakha Bucha)?

May 18, 2013 5/18, 12:20am Chanthaburi Boy

May 18, 2013 5/18, 12:06pm ChristianPFC
Are you free next weekend? I want to go to Chantaburi for holiday and meet you.

5/18, 12:43pm Chanthaburi Boy

May 19, 2013 5/19, 12:17pm ChristianPFC
So I can come to Chantaburi and we can meet? I would like to go to วัดเขาสุกิม. (see trip report Wat Khao Sukim)

5/19, 2:03pm Chanthaburi Boy

5/19, 2:14pm Chanthaburi Boy
Are you sure ? Sometime I think I don't have free time for because next week I think my teacher give a many many homework for weekend.

May 20, 2013 5/20, 12:51am ChristianPFC
I can help you with homework. 555.

May 20, 2013 5/20, 7:50am Chanthaburi Boy

May 20, 2013 5/20, 4:33pm ChristianPFC
Where in Chantaburi do you live? Can I stay at your place or is there a hotel that is close?

May 22, 2013 5/22, 8:20pm ChristianPFC
Hello, what's your phone number?

5/22, 8:26pm Chanthaburi Boy
You don't come to Chanthaburi because I don't a free time I'm sorry for everything

5/22, 8:27pm ChristianPFC
ok, no problem. maybe next time

5/22, 8:27pm Chanthaburi Boy
Thank you

June 7, 2013 6/7, 10:39am ChristianPFC
Hello, I will be in Chantaburi this weekend, to meet a friend. If you are free you can call me.

6/7, 12:34pm Chanthaburi Boy
OK Your friend is come to chanthaburi ?

6/7, 2:37pm ChristianPFC
My friend lives in Chantaburi. I will stay at his place. (see trip report Wat Khao Sukim)
My number is (edit). What's your phone number?

August 5, 2013 8/5, 9:04pm ChristianPFC
Hello, how are you? What do you do next weekend and Monday (holiday)?

8/5, 9:06pm Chanthaburi Boy
I have midterm test

February 19 2/19, 9:21pm ChristianPFC
Hello, how are you? I will go to Chantaburi this or next month, to เขาคิชกูฏ (see trip report Khao Kitchakut) What is the best time to go there? Do you have time to meet?

(message not read)

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  1. Hi Christian,
    Will you be posting the Siem Reap leg of your Cambodia travels soon? Thinking of going there and would love to read your account!

  2. How much time do you waste chasing a bit of cock ? And if you did get to meet this 'friend' i'm sure his skin temperature would be wrong and his kecks the wrong colour.
    I do wonder why people try so hard to meet internet friends when there is cock on every corner.

  3. He is a very studious type your friend!

    Advice: only ask one question a time, if not, and he answers with yes (or no), you still don't know anything

  4. Siem Reap report will take a while.

    At the time of the chat, I was living near Paris, internet was the only way to stay in contact and meet new friends.

    Only one question at a time, I learned that by now.


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