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Dating Thai boys (13) He wants an iPhone

Dating Thai boys (13) He wants an iPhone

(The headline says it all, but read on.)

Wednesday 06.08.2014

The stunner from Seed (20.07.2014) calls me in the morning. Our last contact was on 25.07.2014, it’s amazing that he remembers me for such a long time, I count this as a good omen for things to come. He wants to meet 1 pm in the Mall Bangkapi, I agree. (I have problems to understand him, don’t want to push my luck further than getting place and time.)

Usually I don’t go to meet boys at a place and time of their choice, too many bad experiences (I have them come to my place at a time of their choice), but here I make an exception. I can spend some time at the mall or watch a movie to pass waiting time (I will meet another friend at 7 pm in the area, that’s 6 hours).

He finally arrives around 2:30 pm (that’s 1 h 30 min late, but he called me three times before appointment to shift appointment by 30 minutes each, another good omen; usually I call the boy 10 minutes after appointment to ask where he is).

Not that stunning any more, but still would like to get my hands into his pants. We have lunch. Exchange Line (his Line not connected to his mobile number? Usually Line adds friends automatically once I add their mobile number), that will improve further communication significantly as I have difficulties understanding his spoken Thai.

Walk through The Mall Bangkapi. He has a look at powerbanks in a mobile phone accessories shop (I look at other stuff, but keep some distance so he doesn’t involve me in these activities). Stroll through the market outside (no aircon).

He brings up the subject of going to Seed twice, so I agree. We take the boat (Saen Saep canal, his idea, very good because it takes just 7 minutes; return by bus was 20 minutes). I stay there 16:15-17:50, count between 5 and 10 customers.

You would think (and I certainly did), that he chose Seed as a place to have sex, as my room is too far away and he stays with his parents. But no, after a round through the premises he sits down in front of the computer and plays internet for about half an hour. Not much to do for me (few customers). I follow him through Seed later and let him know that I’m interested. He obviously is not, goes back to computer. Finally I say goodbye and leave (have another appointment at 7 pm). It is still not clear to me why he chose to go to Seed (other than having me pay his entry and waiting for other boys later in the evening).

That’s 5 hours (1 to 6 pm), spend doing nothing productive. I had in mind going to cinema (alone or with him), but even that did not materialize. That’s what I mean when I say meeting a new sexual partner can be easier than meeting someone you know already again.

The interesting part is the conversation we had afterwards on Line (my translation from Thai in brackets):

[LINE] Chat with tall slim boy
Saved time2014/08/10 19:23

14:53   christianpfc     Hello
22:33   tall slim boy    [Sticker]
22:38   christianpfc     กำลังกลับห้อง (I am on my way back to my room.)
22:38   tall slim boy    คาบ (ok)
22:39   tall slim boy    อยากใช้ไอโฟนจัง (I really want to have/use an iPhone.)
22:40   christianpfc     งง ผมมี i-mobile IQ6 (I am confused. I have an i-mobile IQ6.)

(งง is Thai for “confused”, I often use it in place of ไม่เข้าใจ “I don’t understand” because it is faster to type, and there is sufficient overlap in meaning. But I really failed to see what “I want and iPhone” has to do with me.)

22:55   tall slim boy    ที่ยูใช้หรอ (You are using an IQ6?)
22:56   christianpfc     ผมกลับสาทรแล้ว (I am back in my room.)
22:57   christianpfc     ผมใช้ IQ6 (I use an IQ6.)
22:58   tall slim boy    อยากได้ไอโฟน5จัง (I really want an iPhone 5.)
23:03   tall slim boy    เงียบ (Quiet.) (Meaning: Why do you not answer? Say something.)
23:12   christianpfc     ไม่ได้ครับ (I cannot buy you an iPhone.)

8:07     tall slim boy    [Sticker]
9:23     christianpfc     Hello
10:59   tall slim boy    คาบ (Hello.)

20:42   tall slim boy    ดีคาบ (Hello.)
21:24   christianpfc     อยู่พัทยาครับ (I am in Pattaya.)

I might meet him once more, but he will have to come to my room at a time that is convenient for me. Otherwise, that was it (wasting 5 hours of my time).

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  1. So you know he is not interested, you know he only wants you to buy him a phone, you know you will not buy him and phone, and you don't like doing nothing.
    Why would you even think about meeting him again ?

  2. Interesting conversation. I wouldn't have volunteered the information that I understand that he wants ME to buy the iPhone for him and that I'm not willing to do so that early. Instead, I'd have asked him when he will buy it, to get more information from him first ("I would love to buy it now, but don't have money", "Can you help me buy it?", "I will buy it when I get my bonus", whatever). While I agree with you that him wanting YOU to buy the iPhone for him was the most likely scenario, I'd still want to know for sure.

  3. As always, Christian, your reports are interesting. I understand that you find this
    guy very attractive but nothing you wrote makes it sound like a good idea for you to take him seriously or allow him to continue to waste your time. Sorry!

  4. go to seed?? Is this a real sauna or made up? Where is it?

  5. Should remember งง and เงียบ for my own conversations :)

  6. You should tell your friend to wait for iphone6, almost on the market.

    Very entertaining story, can see it happen.

  7. Next time such situation occurs, I will not assume the boy wants me to buy him a phone, wait until he directly says so.

    (It has already occurred that a friend lost his phone, and now we can't communicate on Line or by calling; only on facebook; and he has told me that we cannot meet while he has no phone, however the circumstances are a bit different. That boy is boyfriend material for me, the first this year.)

    I know/knew very few boys without phone, and thought about buying them phones (simple ones, just enough that I can call them). Now I know why they have/had no phone: because they are unable to keep the battery charged, SIM card topped up, phone on them. This cannot be mediated by me buying them a phone.

    Seed is real.


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