Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Sky Bar at lebua

Sky Bar at lebua


Sunday, 27.07.2014 (continued from Floating markets Damnoen Saduak and Amphawa)


Get up at 6 pm, taxi to Surawong to meet my friends at 7 pm at Somboon Pochana seafood restaurant in Surawong. I am not sure if I have heard of this place before, but they certainly have a high turnover of customers and were full (my friends had a reservation).    


After that, van to Asiatique (I have been three times before, nothing to write home about, probably the same overprices stuff you can get elsewhere), where my friends to some shopping.


Then to Sky Bar at lebua (State Tower 64th floor). Stay there 9:40 to 10:48. I didn't know that we would go there, fortunately I dressed in long trousers and closed shoes for the dinner, otherwise I would not have gotten in! 

I follow my friends and ignore staff (asking if I come for dinner or drink). There is plenty of staff around, advising customers where they can take photos and where not. My friends order drink, I just enjoy the view without ordering a drink (the whole trip was an invitation, but I want to check if ordering a drink is compulsory or if staff will bother you). This leads to the surprising discovery that you can enjoy the view for free, without ordering a drink! (Now I have to check carefully what the policy at Bayoke II tower is, maybe I can pull the same trick there.) The area around the bar (no chairs, standing only) was full, but not crowded.

From internet: drink prices start at 320 Baht (+10% service charge + 7% VAT) for a beer.

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It's night, but I can make out many buildings I know from traveling on ground. Might come back just when they open (6 pm), to enjoy a view with daylight.

Take van back to hotel. I say goodbye and get off their van in Silom for a stroll. 

That day was quite a difference from my usual travel. The entire day spent in venues created for tourists, no contact with everyday life. I couldn't point the floating markets out in a map.

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  1. Hm, 320 +17% - not so big, comparing with Soi Twilight. Thanx for the info. Maybe should visit next time. My brother visited it in early august, I should ask him about prices too


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