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Nature Boy and Surawong update

Nature Boy and Surawong update 

Wednesday, 13.08.2014

A Thai friend messages me on facebook that he now works in Nature Boy:

"ตอนนี้ผมทำงาน (now I work in) bar silome narrativa soi 1 nurture boy bar"

I had this with other boys before, when they start work in gogo bars, they do not know where exactly they are (the boy from Saranrom who worked in Hotmale for a week, told me he is in Silom Soi 2. Another boy from Saranrom whose friends told me works in Silom Soi 1, finally I found him in X-Size by chance.)

He was high on my list, so I use this opportunity to go to Nature Boy (could have told him to meet me after work, but haven't been to Nature Boy for about two years and wanted to have a look). 

Both ends of Soi Thaniya and Patpong have cute tuktuk and taxi touts. If you look at them, they offer their service:

Tuktuk, Sir? 
(I keep looking and smiling at him.)
Boom-boom lady?
(I think "boom-boom YOU?" but have other commitments.)
Observing them interact (price negotiations) with unsuspecting tourists is entertaining as well.

There is a new all male (?) massage place near Tarntawan hotel, The Green Massage,  nothing for me sitting outside, but probably appeals to many of my readers.

Walk past Thai Best massage Silom Soi 6, one of the boys volunteers that my regular is not in (has been away for two weeks). Incredible, how they remember for weeks and months.

Nature Boy 23:50-00:15. Coke 150 Baht, off fee 400. Small bar, entrance is blocked by staff/customers standing. 4 boys in individual underwear (didn't like the hideous shorts they had two years ago) and shirts (unless on stage). Glasses and bottles on tables show that there was customer traffic, the bar seems to be busy. Cigarette smoking in the bar.

I off my friend, we have a great time and he stays overnight (1500 Baht). He did work in hotel in Pattaya and 7/11 in Bangkok, he got into gogo business two days before after chatting with one of the boys from Nature Boy on camfrog!

Update August 2014: My friend has left Nature Boy after working less than 2 weeks, he didn't like this kind of work.

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  1. You are on the roll, another great reporting piece.

    Many people noticed that boys have very long memory so I'm not surprised Thai Best boys remembered you although I have my doubts about how universal it is, out of 4 boys I met in May 2013 and rehired in Nov only 1 recalled me.

    Green massage is on my radar for next trip, thank you for bringing it up.

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  3. The Thai take long memory to new dimensions.

    Last year in Jan or Feb, I was at Hua Lampong with a friend G who had one of the tuk-tuk boys M. So the other boys saw me with G and have an idea what G and M did. Today I walked past, and one of the tuk-tuk drivers says to another one "he (ChristianPFC) is gay", and when I walk past again, I get the "I am available" look from one of them.

  4. do these boys make such a great impression on you that you can only use an initional ?? ( bad spelling ) but ffs sake g knows m m knows r r knows q etc etc just how crass can you get ?
    why not just use numbers, seems you have got the thais down to the lowest commen denoimater

  5. Thanks, Christian, for another interesting report. What was the off-fee to take the boy from NB?

  6. 400 Baht, it's written in the post.

    noun: initial; plural noun: initials
    the first letter of a name or word, typically a person's name or a word forming part of a phrase.

    1. Yes well done thank you.
      I'm sure B who is a Whore is really really glad you don't use his whole name on here. Wouldn't want anyone knowing what he does for a living.


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