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Phuket impressions

Phuket impressions

Phuket is much maligned and vilified on the forums and in the press. My attitude towards Phuket changed from indifference (I am not a beach goer) to rejection (if even half of what you read is true ...) to curiosity (if even half of what you read is true ...).

After a visit to Phuket (23.-25.08.2014), I would say that the negative reports are largely unjustified, grossly exaggerated or distorted. My overall impression is positive. I plan to go again soon for the vegetarian festival (23.09.-03.10.2014).

A blog with useful information about Phuket:

I spent two nights in Patong (a Thai friend stays there) and two days in Phuket town. I would say the price level in Patong (accommodation, food, massage) is similar to Pattaya. There is a dolphin roundabout at the north end of the beach and one-way traffic on Thawewong road (equivalent to Beach road) and Rat U-tit road (equivalent to Second road), however in Phuket it's clockwise (in Pattaya counterclockwise).

I didn't spot any street hookers on the beach, but there are plenty of massage and bars. The beach is much nicer than in Pattaya. However there are no deck chair or umbrellas, people sit on towels on the sand.

Being with a friend, I had no chance to check out Paradise complex (my friend expressed his dislike, and even changed side of the road when we walked past), I will compensate on my next trip.

Phuket town is the public transportation hub, there are bus lines for town and surroundings, buses to various beaches, bus to airport. Prices are comparable to Bangkok and Pattaya. Individual transport ("taxis", in reality song-theo) is indeed overpriced, there is a price list: Phuket town to Patong 15 km 500 Baht (in Bangkok taxi, it would cost 110 Baht). 

Traffic jams in Phuket are as bad as in Pattaya or Bangkok.

Weather is different from Bangkok, it can rain several times through the day, and it did so during my time, it was just luck that I didn't get wet or had to change my plans considerably.

There are several museums around Phuket town, it has an interesting architecture and best public transport connection to other places. 

The only place of interest to me in Patong is the gay area in Paradise complex, on my next visit I will split time the following way: sightseeing in and around Phuket town, last bus (6 pm) to Patong, Paradise complex, stay overnight in Patong, next morning back to Phuket town.

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