Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Khon Kaen gay saunas and massage

Khon Kaen gay saunas and massage

There seem to be 2 gay saunas, 3 gay massages and 1 gay disco in Khon Kaen.

The Beach Khon Kaen sauna (see separate post about my visit there).

Comment on that post informed me about another sauna: mun-day
(near university, Mitraphap road soi 25, opposite Queen Sirikit Heart Center)

On Grindr, I saw an enticing profile picture by Secret Spa, so I went there (Friday about 10 pm, without any illusion that the boy would be working there, leave alone be present), and inquired availability of masseurs and prices. 

No address given, but directions in Thai, opposite สยามธุรกิจบันเทิง Khon Kaen.

There were 3 out of 14 masseurs present (manager spoke good English and showed me picture of the 14 on a tablet).

1 h oil massage 500 THB, minimum tip 700 THB (without further inquiry, the manager volunteered that the 700 baht is for "soft", and 1000 for "hard", whatever that means).

Elsewhere, I found advertising for other places:

Dolphins @ Khon Kaen (error message)

Adora Massage and Spa

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  1. certainly one can be occupied in Khon Kaen for a few days

    1. wish I could find an older man who is into kinky sex...I am 65


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