Sunday, 31 August 2014

Indra Massage Bangkok Surawong

Indra Massage Bangkok Surawong

Sunday, 17.08.2014

My favorite massage boy is back in his home province, my second favorite not at work, time to look for a new one. Spot one bordercase boy at Indra massage (opposite Tawan bar).

One hour oil massage 600 Baht, you can chose the flavor. Way to massage rooms (upstairs) leads through storage room and kitchen. Stairs and hallways are narrow. Common shower, no locker for valuables. The massage room has just a curtain (i.e. only an optical barrier). There is a clock.

I take shower (warm water, shower gel) and massage starts. I think the boy (Golf, 22, from Buriram, some English) had professional training. Massage table without face well. Massage starts with back, then legs (usually it’s legs first). Then, massage of my back finished, he proclaims “I do body to body massage” and undresses. Body to body and erotic massage. I am not a fan of body to body massage, had only one before, pubic hair scratching on my butt cheeks is weird. Then turnover, massage (with erotic parts) continues. Very skillful, however not so much my type (a bit too fat and too hairy, and skin a bit too cold and too wet).

After cumming, he wipes off my cum (there is tissue in the room, some places don’t have tissue and use the towel, which I would later wrap around my waist for going to the shower, and exchange for a fresh one), and continues massage until the time is over. I shower again and he tidies the room. While I dress (trousers), he reaches down to the floor to pick up my shirt and hands it to me. I appreciate such small signs of "take care" and good manners very much. He asks me to tip him in the room (not the first time I am asked to tip in the rom), I give 1000 and he seems happy. Hot tea is served.

When paying at the cashier, I notice a list (name of masseur, kind of massage, time in-out) on the table, saw this in other places as well, gives you an idea how business is.

Verdict: 600 Baht is a bit expensive for the standard of room. Good massage, good happy ending, good manners; alas not so much my type, the search continues (spending about 1500 Baht, one hour and a shot of cum every time).

(I had one massage at the place opposite, The Sun Massage, next to Tawan bar, last year, with similar outcome.)

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  1. you assumed we know where indra massage is? i dont, as you mentioned other by tawan by i guessed bkk?

  2. Indra is right opposite Tawan and the SUN massage-staffed by (theysay) Tawan workers.
    Aber mein lieber Chris- fuer eine viel sensitiveres und bestimmt besseres a (hatte noch nie gelesen dass du in jene shops schon kommt - alles fuer dein blog, oder?) geht mann doch weiter weg von Silom zu mehr renommierte Shops. Ausserdem schon 2-3 ganz nah dein Wohnort- am Ram IV-gegenueber, und soi nach MY-HTL.

  3. Indra massage has been around for years, and the reference to Tawan bar is sufficient for place it.

    But prompted by your comment I checked on the internet and in gay magazines, there is very little written about Indra massage, and I didn't find an address.

    Anonymous 2 (pong?), as I said before, the main problem is to find a masseur who is my type.

    For my other readers, as far as I can decipher the post, he is referring to the massage places in Soi Pluk Chit (Candle Paradise Spa and others), but there you chose from a book. MY-HTL = Malaysia hotel, I have been to all places in my vicinity, but no cute boys.

  4. could you choose a masseur at Indra or they assigned one to you?

    I'm surprised about your comment in respect of body to body massage, if you can feel pubic hair on your butt likely something else an be felt as well and can't
    envision anything weird about .

    1000 tip seem to be standard for 1 hr massage as many shops are advertising the same rate on and this is what I use to tip as well.

    Sextile on CFS board used to report extensively about his weekly massages at Indra few years ago.

    Hope second anonymous /pong ? / will stop swearing at you in German in his future posts

  5. He's not swearing, but his German is about as difficult to decipher as his English. Nothing new there...

  6. as long as people are active posting I don't mind problems with deciphering but obviously it's better if post is in language known to me, hence my swearing comment, I did not see any donnervetters in that post so it was kind of a joke from my side

  7. Edit post title to include location.

    Of course I did chose the masseur, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten to the point where happy ending is considered.


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