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Wat Baan Non Sawan in Roi Et province

Wat Baan Non Sawan in Roi Et province

Wat Baan Non Sawan วัดบ้านโนนสวรรค์
16.3104833,103.9859778 = 16°18'37.7"N 103°59'09.5"E
50 km north-east of Roi Et, 500 m east of hwy 2046
Tambon Waeng, Amphoe Phon Thong, Chang Wat Roi Et 45110, Thailand ต.แวง อ.โพนทอง จ.ร้องเอ็ด

(Do not confuse with Wat Pa Non Sawan วัดป่าโนนสวรรค์ in Roi Et province, or with Wat Laan Khuat in Sri Saket province.)

By chance After long and arduous recherches, I found hints that there is a second bottle temple in Thailand, with statues of hungry ghosts. One bottle temple (Wat Laan Khuat, Sri Saket province, I have been in February) is well known, for the other one, there are only few websites: (in Japanese; I missed the Buddhist Hell wall paintings) (in German) (in German)

Sunday, 03.08.2014

From Roi Et bus station, take Songtheo line 4243 to Phon Tong (โพนทอง) 11:00-12:11. From Phon Tong bus station it’s about 2.5 km by road. Walk (which I did, 30 min) or take mocy. Stay at the Wat 12:42-13:20, then walk back to bus station and take songtheo to Nong Phok (หนองพอก). There were no (zero!) other visitors during my stay, but some resident monks and nuns.

The Wat is smaller than Wat Laan Khuat, and so is the area covered by bottles. Actually most of it is not full bottles (like in Wat Laan Khuat), but they cut off bottom and neck and cut the bottle wall in parts. Only walls (no floors or ceilings or roofs) are covered in bottles, but still it can compare with Wat Laan Kuat.

Update Jan 2015: There is a third bottle temple in Songkhla province, Chana district: 

6°49'08.4"N 100°39'18.1"E 6.818996, 100.655015 

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