Tuesday, 16 September 2014

What to do which time of the day

What to do which time of the day

When I am in Bangkok, every now and then there are delays or unexpected changes, so I cannot follow my original plans to go out. Then I'm suddenly left alone, but it's too late to do what I originally had planned and I have find somewhere else to go.

00-10 sleep (or 02 or 03 to 11 or 12 if out late)

10-16 stay in (too hot and sunny outside, everyone who can stays in aircon) unless I go sightseeing

16 prepare to go to special cinema (busiest 17-19)

17-19 best time be out (running or shopping at market or walking, not for traveling on bus or taxi!) for people watching, heat of the day and sunshine decreases, but still daylight and many people around

18-22 prepare to go to sauna (which one depends on day of the week, I prefer underwear day; exact time depends on sauna; Babylon closes 22:30, whereas Farose gets busy from 22)

21 prepare to go to Saranrom (busy from 22 on)

23 prepare to go to DJ station, to arrive around midnight (after the show ends)

23-00 prepare to go to Thai discos (Ramkhamhaeng, Ratchada) to arrive around 00-01

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