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Money saving tips (5): free upgrade in cinema, unlimited movies

Money saving tips (5): free upgrade in cinema, unlimited movies

Whenever I go to cinema, occupancy is about 10%. You can chose your seat when you buy the ticket, and can see which seats are free and which are occupied. Usually most of the seats in the back (most expensive, best view, most comfortable) are free, so I take a mental note which of them are occupied. Then I buy the cheapest ticket, but take one of the free seats in the back.

Before the movie starts, there is 20-25 minutes advertising. I usually buy my ticket close to scheduled time, so I might miss a bit of the advertising; but I have been late a few times and could still buy a ticket and was admitted 20 minutes after schedule (but still advertising running).

You have to show your ticket only once, and then you have access to all movie theaters. That means after your film ends, you could go to another theater and watch the next film (check in advance on the schedule). In this case you don't know which seats are occupied or free, but there is a 90% chance the seat is free. This does not give you unlimited movies (lame attention grabbing for the headline), but for the rest of the day or until you get hungry.

The above are just thought experiments of what could be done. 

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