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Dating Thai boys (14) I'm not interested (continued)

Dating Thai boys (14) I'm not interested 

continued from: Dating Thai boys (10) I’m not interested!

To put this ordeal for both sides to an end, I agreed to meet him on 23.07.2014. We met on the street near my place about 1:45 pm. An awkward situation, because in case I met before I would have sex with the boy, in case I didn't meet before I would see if I want to have sex with him, in case of an old friend there would be a lot to talk about, but in this case no sex and nothing to talk about.

I suggested we have lunch. Eat in nearby street restaurant and ponder whether we should go Dutch (and how to suggest so), but to my great surprise, he paid the full bill!

Then into my room. Nothing to talk about, but want to go to Pai Rong Wua in Suphanburi some time, so we chat about tourism in Thailand, especially to this place, and I grill him about public buses in Thailand. Then turn on my computer to do some general stuff (nothing gay related) and search in Thai for bus to Wat Pai Rong Wua, and get his help for translation to English.

Afterwards again awkward silence, I read on the internet, he in a book I gave him. Then I get the brilliant idea to go to Klong Toey market for shopping and to Big C Rama 4 to buy butter. This way, we don't sit silent next to each other in my room, and I can walk him tired.

Still in Big C, it starts to rain heavily. I suggest we prepone (not in dictionary, opposite of postpone) dinner and eat there while waiting for the rain to stop. He tells me that he has arranged pizza at a friend's restaurant, and they made preparations for us. He didn't mention before, I size this opportunity to make up an appointment with a Farang friend in the evening.

We get into a taxi and go to his friend's place (restaurant with pizza). He pays for taxi. I pay for our meal. Afterwards I extricate myself for a fictitious meeting with a Farang friend. 

When I am on my way home, we chat again on Line and finally come to the point that he is not my type (I dropped hints during our chat, but didn't find the right moment to say so clearly.)

Haven't heard from him for over a month, now he got the message.

Just a mismatch: good English, normal job, good manners, efficient communictation, on time, really wants to meet me, even pays for lunch and taxi (very, very rarely), but not my type.

But a valuable lesson: say earlier if a boy is not my type (I didn't have anyone following me that long before). Some of my behavior borders on impolite, but I didn't have to deal with such a situation before. 

I have been on the other end, in less grave cases, the Thais just didn't answer my messages (and after a few read but unanswered messages on gayromeo and grindr and facebook and a few unanswered calls or "no time", I give up).

[LINE] Chat with Boy Don Mueang
Saved time:2014/09/09 11:42

24:04    Boy Don Mueang    What are you doing ?
24:27    christianpfc    Sleep
24:28    Boy Don Mueang    [Sticker]
24:28    Boy Don Mueang    Sweet dream
24:28    Boy Don Mueang    Guten natch (Good night; he speaks some German, but even with just two words there is often a mistake. Anyway, it makes me cringe when people who speak just a few words of a foreign language use them for communication.)

23:44    Boy Don Mueang    [Sticker]
23:45    christianpfc    Good night.
23:45    Boy Don Mueang    [Sticker]

7:16    Boy Don Mueang    [Sticker]

9:07    Boy Don Mueang    How about you ?
12:05    christianpfc    Guten morgen. (Good morning)
12:06    Boy Don Mueang     Guten tacth (Good day)
12:07    christianpfc    Guten tag.
12:07    Boy Don Mueang    Hagha
12:07    Boy Don Mueang    Guten tag
12:07    Boy Don Mueang    Germany is World Cup
12:08    Boy Don Mueang    :-). Nice
12:09    Boy Don Mueang    Nice. Deutschland
12:09    Boy Don Mueang    [Sticker]
13:13    Boy Don Mueang    What are you doing ?
21:22    christianpfc    เกาะสีชัง (I'm on Koh Si Chang) 

21:22    christianpfc    [Photo]
21:23    christianpfc    [Photo]
21:23    christianpfc    [Photo]
21:24    Boy Don Mueang    With who ?
21:33    christianpfc    A friend lives on koh si chang, dinner for four
21:35    Boy Don Mueang    [Sticker]
21:36    Boy Don Mueang    [Sticker]

17:12    Boy Don Mueang    [Sticker]
17:12    Boy Don Mueang    [Sticker]
18:18    Boy Don Mueang    Where are you ?
18:32    christianpfc    In pattaya
18:34    Boy Don Mueang    Amm
How long your stay there?
19:57    christianpfc     Back tomorrow
20:00    Boy Don Mueang    Ok
20:00    Boy Don Mueang    You meet your friend ?
20:01    christianpfc    Yes
20:01    Boy Don Mueang    [Sticker]

17:00    Boy Don Mueang    [Sticker]
17:01    Boy Don Mueang    Where are you now ?
17:01    Boy Don Mueang    I'm at sukhumvit rd .
17:04    christianpfc    City rail link
17:07    Boy Don Mueang    Or you will to meet me
Around bTs phrakhanong station
17:09    Boy Don Mueang    Why you not apcept phone ? (Because I was on the train.) 

17:10    christianpfc    I go to makkasan, then mrt
17:10    Boy Don Mueang    Doesn't talk ?
17:10    christianpfc    On train
17:11    Boy Don Mueang    Ok
You will to meet me ? Or not
17:11    christianpfc    I am just back from traveling, tired.
17:35    Boy Don Mueang    Ok
But night ?
17:47    christianpfc    A friend will meet me tonight
17:48    Boy Don Mueang    Omg!!!!
17:48    Boy Don Mueang    Never mind
I'm not spacial of you
I'm know
17:49    christianpfc    But i dont know what time my friend comes. I am home and free in 10 minutes. We can meet at 7 in sathorn.
17:50    Boy Don Mueang    Omg !!!
17:50    Boy Don Mueang    I'm here
17:50    Boy Don Mueang    You can meet friend first and then meet me

(I said before that I am free before meeting the friend, not after.)17:52    christianpfc    Where are you?
17:52    Boy Don Mueang    [Location] (link on google maps)
17:53    christianpfc    I cannot travel, I have bagpack with dirty clothes. What do you do in sulhumvit?
18:43    Boy Don Mueang    Meet friend
18:45    christianpfc    My friend is coming to my room, he will stay overnight.
18:46    Boy Don Mueang    Thai people ?
18:46    christianpfc    Yes,
18:46    Boy Don Mueang    Not boy friend ?
18:47    christianpfc    Only friend
18:47    Boy Don Mueang    [Sticker]
18:47    Boy Don Mueang    Why he stay with you ?
18:47    Boy Don Mueang    He live so far ?
18:48    christianpfc    He has business in bangkok and lives in nskhon pathom.
18:48    Boy Don Mueang    Ok

9:43    Boy Don Mueang    [Sticker]
10:22    christianpfc    Hello
10:32    Boy Don Mueang    Where are you ?
11:09    christianpfc    Room
11:13    Boy Don Mueang    How about you?
11:15    christianpfc    I am fine. I am free now and early afternoon.
11:30    Boy Don Mueang    But evening where you going ?
11:30    christianpfc    Evening away. What time are you free today?
11:31    Boy Don Mueang    No I'm at work
But free Wednesday and Thursday
11:32    christianpfc    What time free on wed and thu?
11:33    Boy Don Mueang    Afternoon Wednesday to Thursday in evening
11:34    christianpfc    I am free wed full day and thu before 5 pm.
11:35    Boy Don Mueang    Same
11:35    Boy Don Mueang    We will meet Wednesday ?
11:35    Boy Don Mueang    [Sticker]
11:35    christianpfc    Ok
11:35    Boy Don Mueang    Ok
11:35    Boy Don Mueang    [Sticker]
11:35    christianpfc    Afternoon or evening. Where?
11:36    Boy Don Mueang    Afternoon and still full day
11:37    Boy Don Mueang    I'm must to call to you again ok?
11:37    christianpfc    Details on tuesday.
11:38    Boy Don Mueang    Ok Tuesday I'm must to calling to you
11:38    Boy Don Mueang    Ok?
11:38    christianpfc    Ok
11:38    Boy Don Mueang    [Sticker]
11:38    Boy Don Mueang    Have a nice day

18:49    Boy Don Mueang    [Sticker]
18:49    Boy Don Mueang    How are you?
19:09    christianpfc    Fine
19:11    Boy Don Mueang     Where are u?
19:14    christianpfc    Room
19:15    Boy Don Mueang    Alone ?
19:16    christianpfc    Yes
19:16    christianpfc    You?
19:16    Boy Don Mueang    [Sticker]
19:16    Boy Don Mueang    I'm at work
19:16    Boy Don Mueang    So tried
19:16    Boy Don Mueang    Finish 22:00
19:20    christianpfc    Tired
19:20    Boy Don Mueang    Yes
22:31    Boy Don Mueang    [Sticker]
22:32    Boy Don Mueang    What are you doing ?

24:48    christianpfc    Cinema
24:48    Boy Don Mueang    At room?
24:49    christianpfc    Mbk
24:49    Boy Don Mueang    Alone?
1:12    christianpfc    With friend
1:12    christianpfc    Why do you ask?
1:12    Boy Don Mueang    Ok
1:12    Boy Don Mueang    Just only ask
Need to know that
1:13    Boy Don Mueang    Where are you now
1:13    christianpfc    Room, sleep. Good night.
1:13    Boy Don Mueang    Me too
1:13    Boy Don Mueang    [Sticker]
1:13    Boy Don Mueang    [Sticker]
1:14    Boy Don Mueang    Tomorrow I'm will to call you ok?
10:52    christianpfc    Yes
11:12    Boy Don Mueang    [Sticker]
12:37    christianpfc    Sorry, missed your call. Free tomorrow all day? When do you want to meet?
12:43    Boy Don Mueang    See you tomorrow
20:16    Boy Don Mueang    What are you doing ?
20:37    christianpfc    Chat with farang friend.
20:39    Boy Don Mueang    [Sticker]
20:52    Boy Don Mueang    Tonight where you hang out or not ?
20:53    christianpfc    Sathorn with farang friend.
20:54    Boy Don Mueang    Ok
20:54    Boy Don Mueang    Drink?
20:54    christianpfc    Dinner
20:55    Boy Don Mueang    Amm
22:16    Boy Don Mueang    Chris
22:17    christianpfc    What?
22:18    Boy Don Mueang    [Sticker]

24:13    Boy Don Mueang    [Sticker]
10:53    christianpfc    Hello
12:18    Boy Don Mueang    [Sticker]
13:13    christianpfc    (directions to my room)
13:14    Boy Don Mueang
(details location)
13:15    christianpfc (details)
13:15    Boy Don Mueang    Ok
13:22    Boy Don Mueang 
13:22    christianpfc    Yes
13:22    Boy Don Mueang    Ok
13:28    Boy Don Mueang    (details)

13:28    Boy Don Mueang    And you?
13:29    christianpfc    (details)
13:30    Boy Don Mueang    Where?
13:30    Boy Don Mueang    Ok
13:31    christianpfc    (details)
13:31    Boy Don Mueang    I do
13:31    Boy Don Mueang    (details)
13:33    christianpfc    Walk
13:33    Boy Don Mueang    I'm at (details)
13:34    Boy Don Mueang    [Location] (google maps)
13:34    Boy Don Mueang    You know?
13:35    christianpfc    Walk further
13:35    Boy Don Mueang    Ok
13:36    Boy Don Mueang    I'm inside (details)
13:37    Boy Don Mueang    (details)
13:40    Boy Don Mueang    Are you where?

(Insert description from above here: lunch, go to my room, chat, internet/book, shopping in Klong Toey market and Big C, pizza)

19:39    Boy Don Mueang    You at room already ?
19:40    christianpfc    Not yet
19:40    Boy Don Mueang    Ok
Take care
22:18    christianpfc    I go back to my room now.
22:26    Boy Don Mueang    Ok
22:27    Boy Don Mueang    You will to go meet me ?
22:28    christianpfc    Read book and sleep
22:28    Boy Don Mueang    Ok
22:28    Boy Don Mueang    I can't go to meet you?
22:33    christianpfc    Why do you want to come?
22:42    Boy Don Mueang    You do want me to go?
22:42    Boy Don Mueang    I need to meet you and near you
22:43    christianpfc    I need some time alone. We spent the entire afternoon together.
22:43    Boy Don Mueang    Ok
22:43    Boy Don Mueang    I know you don't need stay with me
22:45    christianpfc    Yes. Only friend, no sex.
22:45    Boy Don Mueang    Why you don't need to sex with me ?
22:45    Boy Don Mueang    Can you tell me ?
22:46    christianpfc    I don't know.
22:46    Boy Don Mueang    I'm not good ?
22:46    Boy Don Mueang    Or you like guy prople tattoo

(A horrible misunderstanding. I showed him a picture on my mobile, and then let him play with it unsupervised. Among the pictures was one of a friend shirtless, with tattoo on his chest.)

22:46    Boy Don Mueang    Impossible you stay here no have axe with some one
22:47    christianpfc    I don't like tattoo. I like slim boys and no body hair.
22:47    Boy Don Mueang    You have some guy have sex with you?
22:48    christianpfc    It's not your business.
22:50    Boy Don Mueang    คุณไม่เคยรักฉันเลย (You don't love me.)
22:51    Boy Don Mueang    เสียใจนะมากๆ (So disappointed.)
22:51    christianpfc    Only friends
22:51    Boy Don Mueang    ไม่รู้ว่าเราไม่ดีตรงไหน (Something like: I don't know why we can't be together.)
22:51    Boy Don Mueang    Ok
22:51    Boy Don Mueang    I'm promise
22:51    Boy Don Mueang    We will to best friend together
22:51    Boy Don Mueang    Ok?
22:52    christianpfc    Ok
22:52    Boy Don Mueang    [Sticker]
22:52    Boy Don Mueang    [Sticker]
22:52    Boy Don Mueang    We can meet later
22:52    Boy Don Mueang    Ok?
22:53    christianpfc    But not today.
22:53    Boy Don Mueang    สักวันคุณจะรู้ว่าฉันดีมากแค่ไหน (Something like: One day you will know that I'm a good person.) 

22:53    Boy Don Mueang    Yes
22:54    Boy Don Mueang    Not today
22:54    Boy Don Mueang    Later
22:54    Boy Don Mueang    You can resting
22:54    Boy Don Mueang    Guten nacth (Good night)
22:54    christianpfc    gute nacht

Copyright 2014 ChristianPFC


  1. I feel a bit sorry for Boy Don Mueng.
    Why don't you just have sex with him?

  2. He would be your type if he:
    treat you badly,
    always late,
    ignores your messages
    never pays and wants new iphone ... etc.

  3. I feel sorry for the boy as well, clearly he was fond of you.

    If you are not, why to drag him around instead of cutting it fast and dry.

  4. I feel sorry for him, too.

    I sometimes do pity sex (3 times this year, as far as I remember), but in this case it would send a wrong signal.

    Some months ago a boy got particularly lucky. (The boy who carries a metal goods shop in his face, if you frequent Sathorn, DJ station, Silom Soi 4 you probably know whom I’m talking about. I am not at all into this tattoo/piercing/punk look, but there was something that attracted me to him that defies description.) Two years ago, we met in DJ station and I thought it is clear that he would go with me, but when we left he spotted another Farang and told me he would go with him to G.O.D. What the fuck!? But I’m not resentful, when he contacted me recently on Grindr, I gave him a second chance. Pleasant company, but not so much my type. However when we reached the point of lying on my bed and watching gay porn on his mobile and his hand in my shorts, there was no way back. I let him fuck me AND gave/lent him 500 Baht after he told me that an online money transfer from his sister is delayed (yeah, right, I have heard this story before).

    Amir has a point, usually being my type and efficient communication + being on time + not looking for money are exclusive. But in this case he is just too fat for me: 165 cm and 55 kg, he would have to lose 10 kg or grow 10 cm.

    Sidenote: warming this issue up again is stressful. Be very careful when reading the chat in Line, the “call” button is next to “chat”. Once I sent a message to the wrong boy!

  5. Never mind Christian, soon you will be back in Germany hiding your sexuality and just wishing you had the chance to feel like the important German again.

  6. I won't be back in Germany soon and I don't hide my sexuality.

  7. Update: Think I just spotted him in Silom Soi 4 (22.09.2014, about 10 pm). Almost bumped into him because was looking elsewhere, and fortunately so was he. And he was with a Farang! Now he has someone else to project his love on, I'm out!

  8. this would be happy ending of the affair for both of you it seems


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