Thursday, 25 September 2014

Gay venues in Ubon Ratchathani

Gay venues in Ubon Ratchathani

Relaxing Sauna (see following post)

Black Beans Karoke
Next to former Krung Thong hotel (currently under renovation, will become ecoinn

Friday, 12.09.2014

Arrive midnight. About 5 boys and 5 customers. Coke and bucket of ice 60 Baht. One boy is cute, but pays no attention to me (anyway I am tired from traveling). Aircon and music ok. Leave 00:40, but then get chatted up by customers sitting outside, so I join them. They call the cute boy over, I inquire prices: 400 off fee and 1000 short time tip. Leave 01:10.

Famous Bar
Closed 6 months ago (second hand information).

Feelling karaoke (two e and two l)
New place in Nong Bua area (some km northwest of town center), karaoke and restaurant (second hand information).

U Male Massage and Spa

(can't find it any more on the internet, anyway there was no address)

Mister Massage
(some km northeast of town center)

Little activity, you can see users as far away as Lao or Cambodia.

Tung Sri Muang
Park in central location, many people in the evening and at night, but I didn't witness any cruising. Outdoor gym with many shirtless hunks. Nearby night market many people. Actually, I didn't see any signs of cruising or prostitution throughout my stay in Ubon. But I met a group of obviously gay students at the river at a restaurant. 

Websites I used to prepare the trip

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