Sunday, 21 September 2014

Oh my god! (10) “Hitler fried chicken”

Oh my god! (10) “Hitler fried chicken"

The last resurfacing of “Hitler fried chicken” has been shown to be a case of poor research (the restaurant is not in Bangkok, but in Udon Thani; and it didn’t open 2 months ago, it closed some years ago): 

Hitler-Themed Chicken Restaurant in Thailand Ruffles Many Feathers:
Hitler-Themed Chicken Restaurant in Thailand Ruffles Many Feathers - See more at: file:///C:/Users/Administrator.HL8K1ERCPXBVPS1/Desktop/ubon%20Sep2014/Hitler%20fried%20chicken/Hitler-Themed%20Chicken%20Restaurant%20in%20Thailand%20Ruffles%20Many%20Feathers%20--%20Grub%20Street%20New%20York.html#sthash.d9YjjdDa.dpuf

The original version, which changed/closed/moved years ago:

However, even in sanitized form “H-ler fried chicken” (in a different place) and without the effigy of Hitler is still worth a
visit for me.

Directions can be found on their facebook site: (last entry from May 2014).

But when I went there (12.09.2014), I found only this:

H-ler was in the dark shop. I inquired in the shop next to it: H-ler closed 2 months ago, now there is a shoe shop in the place. Here a picture from daytime (driving past on a bus):

Upon return to Bangkok, reading their facebook page again, I find this (last entry, 09.05.2014): h-ler เจอกันที่สาขาใหม่ หน้า ม.อุบลนะครับ (H-ler see you in our new branch opposite Ubon University). But no direction, map or address.

further reading in German language: 

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