Saturday, 27 September 2014

Chatuchak Green market

Chatuchak Green market

I found this place by chance by following he masses when I was on the way to Fake gay disco.

(Coming from MRT Chatuchak, walking northwards on Kamphaengphet 3 road.) Minutes later, I see they are coming from a night market I didn't know about (about 200 m north of animal market and Children's Discovery Museum). This area is called "Chatuchak Green" จตุจักรกรีน, is on google maps, has a website and is a permanent installation (most of the shops and bars and restaurants in buildings):

It looks interesting, especially the market on parking lot with vintage stuff, but I am on the way to gay bars.

There are public toilets on the map on their website, but most visitors pee in semidarkness in the area that is labelled "garden" on the map (south-eastern corner). Once you are 20 m away, just follow your nose. If watching dozens of males age 15-30 urinating in semidarkness in the open is your fetish, you will like it!

(N.b.: This is not the railway market, which used to be about 300 m west, on Kamphaengphet 6 road. I found the railway market by chance two years ago when going to Fake bar, by following a stream of people past fake bar. That area is now demolished (observation from walking or driving past in a bus on the way to Mor Chit bus station). The railway market has moved to near Seacon Square on Srinakarin road, haven't been yet.)

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