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Tropical fruit: Noina

Tropical fruit: Noina

One of my favorite Thai fruit is Noina (น้อยหน่า, sugar-apple).

The first I ever ate was delicious, further ones were so-so. Recently I found out why: those sold in the market are usually not fully ripe. You eat them by peeling away the scales. Fully ripe Noina are so soft that the pulp is only hold together by the scales, I break them in half and eat them with a spoon. 

To assess their ripeness, I have to gently touch them (same for durian, I always feel before buying, I can judge the taste by how it feels). 

Price ranges from 40 to 80 Baht per kilogram. There are two different kinds of Noina, a Thai friend says there are น้อยหน่าเนื้อ น้อยหน่าหนัง น้อยโหน่ง:

There is not much choice. My local market has no noina at all, when I go to Klong Toey market, there are two or three stalls that have Noina. Recent trip to Pattaya: Noina on second road opposite Soi VC hotel, in Tuk-Com area, Wat Chai market, but all too hard and no choice (around 20 fruits each stall). Whereas on the ride to and from Khon Kaen, along highway 2 in the Khao Yai area, there were large numbers of streetside stalls selling Noina in large quantities. The problem is, while some of those I buy get fully ripe after 2 or 3 days, others just rot. Some get soft enough for spooning, others only for descaling.

Now I have the problem to find a place in Bangkok that sells ripe (สุก) and soft (นิ่ม) noina (as if I didn't have enough problems deciding where and what to eat for dinner and whom to sleep with tonight!).

In Pattaya, I spotted this insect (white spot in the middle, mealybug ?) on a noina:

More pics here: http://www.kaentong.com/index.php?topic=1005.0

Some noina have white stuff that looks like this insect. What was first, the insect or the white stuff on the noina? Or this the white stuff on the noina deposited by the insect? And why do some noina not have white stuff?

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  1. Thank you for the Thai spelling. it really helps, I almost got in wrong and would have ended up with a bag of dildo's.

  2. Anonymous, you got me, I don't know if your post is serious or a joke. What is "a bag of dildos" in Thai?


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