Friday, 5 September 2014

Nakhon Si Thammarat 21.-22.08.2014

Nakhon Si Thammarat 21.-22.08.2014

A Thai friend stays in Phuket and invited me to meet there. I haven't been to Phuket, and hesitate to spend money on flights or endure long bus trips, and there is no train to Phuket, but an overnight train to Nakhon Si Thammarat with times that suit me very well.

And there is Wat Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan วัดพระมหาธาตุวรมหาวิหาร which is depicted on the 25 Satang coin and is the only place on Thai coins currently in circulation I haven't been to.

Wednesday, 21.08.2014

I have no reservation, show up at Hua Lampong and buy ticket for train. Sleeper 2nd class aircon 758 Baht (I would have preferred 2nd class fan, but booked out). Schedule 19:30-10:30, reality 19:58-13:23. As I have read elsewhere, aircon is pretty cold, I keep my clothes on and cover myself with the blanket, but still cold areas, finally take the curtain as second layer, then it is fine.

Friday, 22.08.2014

Take a hotel (Bua Luang, fan room 250 Baht) close to railway station (which is in town). 

General tip: on most buildings, you can usually climb onto the roof (doors not locked, staff hang clothes for drying on the roof), and enjoy the view from there, so in this case.

Walk towards the wat, with stops for sightseeing and a stop in TAT office to get information about the province and town. Unfortunately, when I arrive at the wat around 16:30, it is closed so I can only look from outside. 

Massage oil infused with deer is sold on the temple grounds:

I might come back for Sat Thai (สารทไทย/เดือนสิบ), which is kind of a live version of Buddhist Hell garden and which I can combine with trip to Vegetarian Festival in Phuket (23.09.-02.10.2014).

On my walk back, a lot of activity (sports) in the park around southern gate (and former city wall). 

Walk to Thalad Park (สวนท่าลาด), but it's dark and closed. On my way back, stop in an internet cafe 21:15-22:15 which has many cute boys. Read some general stuff and occasionally have a look at a website with Thai gay porn. I am sure others notice and would approach me if interested.

I figure out that I have to leave early (9 or 10 am) the following day for the 7 hours bus ride to Phuket. No time to go to the wat again in the morning, and I have to check bus times because people I asked tell me the bus is every two hours. 

Near the railway station, I exchange knowing looks with other men on two occasions, and 100 m south I spot 8 available ladies in front of Nakhorn Hotel, and there is a gambling den opposite. The ladies offer their service, and one tells me she can procure a boy for me, slim and brown. (Note to myself: do not react to such offers any more.) But when asked about price, she quotes 1500 for the boy or 1000 for a lady, so I say goodbye and go to the bus station. I walk past two karaoke with available ladies.

Why do I always stumble upon lady prostitutes, gambling and weed, but rarely spot gay boys, leave alone cute gay boys?

Most convenient bus is 10:20 in the morning. Walk back, at midnight there are still ladies in front of Nakhorn Hotel, and some more at a bar attached to the railway station on the north side. 

Saturday, 22.08.2014

There are vans to Phuket (travel time 5 hours) and bus (6 hours). Vans become very uncomfortable after 2 hours, so I take the bus 325 Baht. Schedule 10:20-16:20, reality 10:21-17:12. 

I was online on Grindr a few times, and got messages from 12 members. You could almost call this trolling (being online with no intention or time to meet someone). When you scroll to the bottom (free user account), members are 100 km away. Similar observations in Khon Kaen and Roi Et.

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  1. Near the railway station, I exchange knowing looks with other me on two occasions,
    What does this mean ? you have a twin ? or are now so crazy you think there are two of you?

  2. You rarely spot the cute gay boys, because they have heard that you are coming and they run away as fast as they can.

  3. Typo, corrected: "exchange knowing looks with other men". Means with one look at each other we know that each of us is gay and looking for hook up.


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