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Cost of living/holiday in Thailand

Cost of living/holiday in Thailand

My detailed listings of expenses (during 3 week holiday or monthly for living in Thailand) caused some controversial discussion the forums:

Expenses holiday 28.07.2011-15.08.2011 Bangkok Pattaya Chiang Mai

Holiday expenses 09.09.-29.09.2012

Expenses holiday 20.12.2011-10.01.2012 Bangkok Pattaya Bangkok

Expenses June 2013
Occasionally, others start threads with similar subjects on the gay forums:

How Much do you spend on an Average Trip to Gay Thailand

Do you live on a Budget? (poll with results of monthly expenses)

Living in Thailand ..on 30,000 Thai baht/month ?

Can you live on 34,000 b a month?

I am happy to report that I am not the only person who keeps an eye on his spendings, below links to similar blog entries elsewhere.

How To Live Like a VIP in Bangkok for $285.06 Per Month

Cost of living Thailand: Living in Chiang Mai for $505 a month
(with more links about cost of living in Chiang Mai)

Bangkok on 30 Dollars A Day

Budget diaries: One month in north Thailand and Isaan

in German, cost of living in Isaan

How Much Money To Budget For A Month In…Thailand
(and for other countries)

A friend of mine lives in the suburbs on 12,000 Baht per month because he doesn’t have more to spend. I will ask him to provide details.

Update: holiday in Thailand for 15 Euro per day, in German
Update 6mar2017: Cost of Living in Bangkok 2017

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  1. you have found an enormous amount of info on it- will take me some time to look at those sites.
    I think all discussions in those [gay] fora all boil down to: its not can IT? but ; Can I? Too many only post to show off their wealth.
    You are smart enough to have discovered it can surely be done [10/11/12k/mo] IF you live cheaply=no AC and do not pay excessive for the pleasures of the flesh.

  2. Most Thais are living proof that you can live (survive) in Thailand on about 10,000 baht per month. The more important question for a foreigner choosing to live in Thailand, on the other hand, is how much you need to have "a good life". And that depends a lot on preferences and lifestyle choices - there's no magic number that fits all.

  3. I actually admired your calm in the face of those ' controversial discussions" on other boards as some of comments were outright rude and assholish.

    While a bit too detailed I found your expense reports quite usefull. Great mine of budgeting in this thread as well, great job.


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