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Parading shrimp at Gaeng Lamduan

Parading shrimp at Gaeng Lamduan

From various magazines, I learnt that freshwater shrimp travel upstream for reproduction, and in places with rapids they walk on rock. This can be watched in Gaeng Lamduan (แก่งลำดวน, the rapids with the lamduan trees, not a waterfall) in September.

Ubon Ratchathani province, Nam Yuen district อำเภอน้ำยืน, on the Dom Yai river โดมไหญ่, about 112 km by road south of Ubon Ratchathani. On the grounds of Yom Dom Wildlife Sanctuary เขตรักษาพันธุ์สัตว์ป่ายอดโดม, very close to Phu Chong Na Yoi National Park อุทยานแห่งชาติภูจองนายอย. 

Coordinates of headquarters: 
Can be found on googlemaps as Kaeng Lamdaun (misspelling) or แก่งลำดวน. About 2.0 km from hwy 2248 to headquarters, further 0.7 km to the rapids.

These two snakes got trapped in a water filled hole in the rock (but probably escaped later after heavy rain). I didn't see other snakes during day, but many more at night. They prey on the shrimp.

Pictures in chronological order. The shrimp appear after sunset, the rangers provide flashlights. But I found it better to come at sunrise, then you don't need a flashlight. Some of the pictures are poor quality due to low light, long exposure time, high ISO. Taken with Sony Cybershot RX100 II.

14.09.2014 19:40-20:00 medium rain and not many shrimp, no good pictures. Holding an umbrella, a camera, and navigating slippery wet rock is too much.

15.09.2014 5:37 (ranger with flashlight)

15.09.2014 5:39 (ranger with flashlight)

15.09.2014 5:43 (natural light, 1/60, ISO 6400)

15.09.2014 5:53 (natural light, 1/40, ISO 6400) They walk even overhangs:

15.09.2014 5:54 (natural light)

15.09.2014 19:51 (ranger with flashlight)

15.09.2014 20:05 (ranger with flashlight) Spiders prey on the shrimp. The spiders reflect the flashlight white, the shrimp's eyes reflect the flashlight red. Zoom in to see part of a shrimp in the spider's mouth and the red dots (shrimp's eyes) in the water.

16.09.2014 6:00-6:15 I saw only two shrimp.

Conclusion: go at night to see snakes and spiders preying on shrimp, go in the morning (just after sunrise) to see shrimps in daylight.

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  1. great piece of travel reporting

  2. I agree with the above comment. You shame all of us who have not explored Thailand to its fullest as you are doing. Commendable Christian.

  3. amazing thank you cpfc


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