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Phuket Sat 23.08. - Mon 25.08.2014

Phuket Sat 23.08. - Mon 25.08.2014

From Nakhorn Sri Thammarat take bus (325 Baht, schedule 10:20-16:20, reality 10:21-17:12). There are vans as well who are supposed to be faster, but far less comfortable in my experience. The ride passes some spectacular rocks and mountains. I will go to again to spend more time there.

Arrive in bus terminal 2 (new place, some km north of Phuket town, for buses to other provinces). Songtheo to Ranong Road in Phuket town, 10 Baht, 17:26-48. A Thai girl noticed that I'm new to Phuket, and she was going to Patong as well, so she told me to follow her to get the last bus from Phuket town to Patong at 6 pm. Otherwise I might have missed it. Thank you very much! Bus to Patong (northeastern end, 30 Baht, 18:01-30).

My friend messaged me his location in Patong, so I get off the bus near Wat Suwan Khiriwong, then have dinner and find a guesthouse near my friend's place. 

There is 500 Baht per night advertised at the window, but when I enter and inquire for vacancies, staff tells me rooms are 700 per night, 500 is for short time. I tell her I will look for something closer to the beach, she lowers the price to 600, I accecpt. But still, there is no mention of short time on the advert, I probably got scammed.

Hotel rooms are a non-issue for me. I am inundated with adverts for hotel bookings, but haven't booked a hotel for over two years, only walk in. But on the forums, people inquire about hotels, and report prices between 1000 and 2000 Baht. I am posting these and other pictures to show how cheap you can stay in Thailand.

My friend M comes to my room and we have fun. He is cute, speaks good English, hugging and cuddling as I like, but in bed only so-so (same when we first met).

Go for dinner and walk entire beach and back. M doesn't like Paradise complex and even changes side of road when we walk past. We talk about going to Big Buddha together tomorrow, but he cannot stay overnight. He asks for 2500 Baht for rent for this month (room shared with friend, 5000 per month), but that's clearly too much, we part without money changing hands.

Sunday 24.08.2014

I can't reach M on the phone or on Line, so I go to Phuket town alone: walk to bus stop at southern end of Patong beach, take bus 1814 (30 Baht, 11:48-12:38). Currently, there are no deck chairs or umbrellas allowed on Patong beach:

Phuket town has many interesting old buildings:

A nice change from the drab of Bangkok and Pattaya. Will explore Phuket town architecture in full next time.

In Phuket, I learned about Cashew nut factories. Cashew nut is one of my favorite nuts, so I had to go there (Methee เมธี cashew nut factory). The have a large sales room and one tree in the garden and one work station in the sales room (factory closed on weekend). The farms are in other provinces (I asked at the factory and at a tour operator).

Take last bus back to Patong (18:01-33). Meet M, give him 1000 Baht for his room rent, then go for dinner and cinema. He cannot stay with me over night.

Monday 25.08.2014

Can't reach M. Check out, bus to Phuket town. At Ranong road, wait for bus that drives past Phuket Butterfly Garden & Insect World (about 500 m from main road). After 5 minutes wait, I agree to use the service of a taxi driver (private car, not a taxi). 

He asks for 100 Baht, I counter 60, we agree on 80. I rarely follow touts, but I don't know the way and would have to walk 500 m from main road. Now checking on google maps, it's about 5 km drive which would cost 60 Baht in a Bangkok taxi. 

When we arrive, it's raining heavily. That was luck, not just in this case, throughout my stay in Phuket didn't have to change my plans due to rain. 

Entry is 300 Baht for foreigner, for Thai it just says "special price" without a number (from a magazine I know it's 80 Baht). I try to get Thai price by speaking Thai and claiming I work in Thailand and show my expired work ID to the cahier. Usually this work, but not in this case. She takes it to her superior and comes back and tells me it's expired. I pay the full entry 300 Baht. But it's worth the money.

"Walking stick" insects:

Butterflies hatching from pupae:

Due to rain, only outdoor activity was at the feeding station:

Spent 13:22-16:05 at the Phuket Butterfly Garden & Insect World. Walk back to main road (about 500 m, 16:05-18). There is no sign at the main road (Yaowarat road), from Phuket town turn right before 7/11 (Branch 3438, ซอยพะเนืยง). Wait for bus, take bus (30 Baht, 16:22-38, traffic slow in Phuket town). Have dinner, take another bus to bus station 2 (out of town, for buses to other provinces).

Arrive 17:31 and enquire for buses to Bangkok. There is a bus for 794 Baht, a bit expensive. There should be a bus for 529 or 543 Baht, I ask staff but can't find out when and where it leaves. Finally, they tell me there are still seats on the 17:20 bus for 680 Baht, I take it.

Schedule 17:20-5:20 (12 hours), reality 17:53-4:25 (Mor Chit) or 5 am (Southern Bus terminal, first time I am there). There was one stop 22:57-23:26 for toilet and dinner. The bus was full, I had to take my bagpack between my feet or on my lap. 

Notes from the trip: "smelly smoker" someone across the aisle had a cigarette during the break, and it took minutes until the smell disappeared (I was sitting over a meter away). "Annoying ringtone" Someone's mobile was ringing several times. That person was a few rows behind me and didn't wake up (and I couldn't sleep for that ringtone, cold aircon and sitting position). There are lights for each seat, but they do not work (general observation from all buses), which means I cannot read a book.

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  1. nice report & pics the hotel lady added 2oobt to 700bt & not as sign suggested 500bt as you are a falang with white skin, yes of course you got scammed! 500 to the hotel, 100 in her pocket5 hahaha i wonder if the sign was in thai & only suppose to be for thais to read at this price?

  2. ability to pick up cheap hotel - another advantage of travelling lightly

  3. Hi Christian, ich habe mitbekommen, dass du umgezogen bist und nicht mehr in dem Chemielabor arbeitest. Aber was machst du eigentlich jetzt, Urlaub? Suchst du einen neuen Job in Thailand oder kommst du zurück? LG P

  4. Umgezogen nach Sathorn. Urlaub (ein Jahr oder auch laenger). Jobsuche in Thailand und Europa, aber nicht ernsthaft.

  5. you taking 1 year vacation from work, did I understand it correctly?

    if yes I did not know I can speak German

  6. I am unemployed (no job), but "one year holiday" sounds better.


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