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Muffil sauna Ladprao Soi 113

Muffil sauna Ladprao Soi 113

Update 24mar2017: closed in Aug 2016, opened as Nake in Sep 2016 in new Location Happyland

Ladprao Soi 113 (about 300 m in the soi, right side), in walking distance from The Mall Bangkapi (about 10 min).

Entry 140 Baht, 14:00-17:00 80 Baht, 10 entries 900 Baht.

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday naked zone floor 2 and 3 20:00-24:00.

1st floor (ground floor) reception, shower (large, warm water, shower gel, well lit), lounge, flat screen TV, magazines, porn (from projector), bar, gym, steamroom; outside sauna, showers, Jacuzzi (out of order, dry)
2nd floor (accessible by two stairs) private rooms, dark room / labyrinth
3rd floor private rooms

Some maintenance problems in the bathrooms. But overall quite clean and well-maintained. A lot of space, needs more customers. No condom or lube provided, no comb.

They have a second branch, Men Factory (sometimes called Muffil 2) in Silom Soi 2/1 next to G Bangkok (former G.O.D.).

Muffil Sauna (มัฟฟิล ซาวน่า) has no website, only

Tuesday 24.06.2014 first visit

Minuscule towels, all customers in underwear, about 30 customers, one cute, I stay 23:35 to 02:00. It was a friend’s idea to go, but I told him on the way that I will look for someone else and he can look for someone else to have sex with (because I don’t go to a sauna when I have a partner, my room is free and more comfortable).

Friday 15.08.2014 second visit

I stay 22:10-23:00. Small towels, all customers in underwear. About 30 customers, turnover about 10 per hour, several enter in pairs.

There was free food (noodles, a bit spicy) near the bar. The plastic bowls are recycled, however washing with hot water and soap would be nice (there were clearly visible traces – not just traces, drops – of fat from previous use).

Sunday 31.08.2014 third visit

(I didn't intend to go again soon, but a friend messaged me that there are many people in Muffil, when I was in Muffil he wrote he meant Farose, and when I went to Farose afterwards he arrived 5 minutes after me – the most favorable interpretation is a misunderstanding. That means "many customers" was an assumption, not an observation. I was already guessing that he is not in the sauna, because he was messaging me on Line.)

Taxi from Sathorn (travel time 20:04-55, from Rama 4 opposite Soi Ngam Duplee via Ratchadapisek; 163 Baht, 19.6 km, still traffic jam: 18 min slower than 6 km/h,). Arrive 21:00. Entry 120 Baht (?). Small towels. About 30 customers, half of them in the dark room (and it is really dark) with high activity. You have to leave your towel or underwear on a rack when entering 2nd floor (naked night). By chance, I find the steam room next to the gym (somehow missed it on two previous visits): spacious, enough light. Leave 21:25.

From number of customers and age and body shape, I would have to go dozens of times until I find one who is my type and who is interested in me.

Verdict: has potential, needs more customers, but count me out.

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