Monday, 29 September 2014

Out-of-print books about Bangkok

Out-of-print books about Bangkok

Buying new books is like going to a brothel: You enter the shop, look around, choose and pay. The next customer will get exactly the same. 

But buying old books is an exciting experience, because you never know what you will find, and they are usually cheaper than new books.

Here two of my best finds from last year:

The must see sites in Bangkok 
Essential information of Bangkok

Bangkok Metropolitan Tourist Bureau, Exim Export-import bank of Thailand, June 1999, 1st edition, 320 pages,  
ISBN 9748662594
Chatuchak weekend market March 2013, 50 Baht

It looks like there was a map, which is missing in my copy.
Names of places only in Romanization. No register (when I look for a place, I have to search the index which is sorted alphabetically by district).

Bangkok's Waterways An Explorer’s Handbook

Warren Lloyd Asia book, 1989, 94 pages, 
ISBN 9789810010119
Neilson Hays Library November 2013, 50 Baht

Interesting sites along the Chao Phraya (and a few on the canals), with map. Names of places only in Romanization. 

There is a Thai language equivalent of the latter book currently on sale. ลองเรือเที่อย (approximately: "trips by boat"), in English inaptly named "Around Bangkok" (the river cuts through Bangkok), which describes places of interest near stops of the river boat.

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  1. You newer know what you will find ???
    If someone wrote that on one of the forum's you'd be all over them like a rash.

  2. Thank you, changed newer -> never.


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