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Dating Thai boys (15) Boyfriend candidate 3

Dating Thai boys (15) Boyfriend candidate 3

The third boyfriend candidate, X, I met end of July. I was looking for boys around the palace, and on the fringes of Sanam Luang our paths crossed. (This encounter took place about 100 m away from where I met another boy 3 years ago, who was one of my best encounters, marred by horrible communication and tardiness, and finally loss of contact.) Not a clear hit, but I looked back and he looked back and then he waved to me and I walked back. Still no clear hit, but promising. Reasonable English, so most communication is in English. We walked to Khao San and had dinner there. Then he suggested he stay overnight with me.

First I thought he might have been on the way to Saranrom (whence I was coming, but I didn’t say so), but that was not the case (my conclusion from data I gathered later).

This and all other encounters clearly are among the best sex I had this year. Sometimes I got a boner just from hugging him. And otherwise we get along well, too (based on five encounters, and let’s not forget that he enjoys my luxury lifestyle – by Thai standards – and money changes hands every time we meet).

I could imagine spending more time with him. There are only a few downsides.

He is an occasional smoker. He asks for money every time we meet (I gave 200 to 1000, depending on situation; on the other hand you could say that I am that stupid/forgetful/ignorant that he has to ask for money every time we meet). He is a facebook whore. But that has advantages: I couldn’t spot any farang among his 3000 facebook friends, and when he uses facebook from mobile phone, I can see his location. To spy on communicate with him is the only reason why I stay logged in on facebook on my phone (before I was checking facebook every other day). Update: moved our conversation to Line, logged out of facebook. We don’t have sex every time we meet, and sometimes he asks me “Do you want sex?” which is a bit weird (he is much younger than I, so should have a higher sex drive).

All this could be overcome, but the big problem is, for 3 dates we set up, we meet only once. I stopped counting how often he said he would come to meet me and didn’t come without explanation or cancellation. Twice already he changed his mind within a day, recently texting me around 6 am that he would come 4 pm, then (when I wake up at 10 and ask for confirmation) saying he cannot come, then after I call him 1 pm he says he is on the way and at Phrom Pong BTS (from where it would take about 20 minutes to my place) and then suddenly 1 h 15 minutes later (when I have already given up hope, I’m not running after boys any more and call them to inquire where they are) call from him from in front of my door (and me rushing back, I was at a Farang friend’s place). Totally unacceptable, but I don’t know how to address this.

When he finally is in my room, I let him play on my computer (facebook, youtube) for hours (finally time to read a book because I can’t use the computer), and even do food service (when he is hungry I order food for us in the restaurant downstairs, wait there until it is ready, and then take it to my room) to keep him with me as long as possible.

From posts on facebook I can sometimes see where he is and what he is doing, and that can only lead to the conclusion that there is either a giant misunderstanding when making appointments (I will switch to Thai to solve this problem) or more probable, that I am just an option, and whenever we finally really meet it was just because his first choice was not available.

Still better than not being with him, but no basis for further emotional involvement. I will give it some time. If he is interested in more than meeting me when no better choices are available, I would give up whoring around (and he would have to give up smoking).

A significant step: not love at first sight, and after meeting about once per week since July, I still like him very much. I would say I have never been that close to finding a boyfriend.

But as things look now, it will turn out to be the cheapest and best sex without further commitments, I am happy with that as well.

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  1. You will never find a boyfriend because 1, you couldn't live with just having sex with one person.
    2, You hang about with whores.

  2. Seems that way.

  3. ChristianPFC, you often mentioned in your blog "Saranrom". What is special at this area (I think you mean the park there). Is that a special cruising area ?

  4. Always interesting when other people tell me what kind of life I live.

    Saranrom is a park near the Royal Palace, with available boys at night (prostitution, not cruising). Details in this and other posts (label Saranrom):

  5. don't worry about comments and live your life way you like it. Certainly you don't have a boring lifestyle

    But it's inevitable when we publish details that readers will comment and not always in a way we like, this comes with territory.

    Boy nr. 3 seems promising, getting boner just for hugging him and looking for ways to be with him as long as possible are good signs.

    I sense a hint of happiness in your narrative so will wait for update in development and wish you good luck

  6. #3 sounds like the best of the lot! Have you asked him whether he is interested in a better/closer relationship with you? To state the obvious: it's hard to have positive feelings about someone if they are not reciprocated.

  7. Is this man gainfully employed?
    Can you give us some info wrt height, weight etc?

  8. Always interesting when other people tell me what kind of life I live.
    Saranrom is a park near the Royal Palace, with available boys at night (prostitution, not cruising).
    He asks for money every time we meet (I gave 200 to 1000, depending on situation.
    Makes you wonder where they get that impression from.


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