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Relaxing Sauna in Ubon Ratchathani

Relaxing Sauna in Ubon Ratchathani

Full name: Relaxing Sauna & Spa for Men รีแล็คซิ่ง ซาวน่า แอนด์ สปา

Website, see here as well: all in Thai, here translation from website and information posted in the sauna:

Mon-Thu 120 Baht, Fri-Sun 140 Baht, before 7 pm 98 Baht every day; open 17-24.

Theme days:
Mon, Wed, Fri naked; Tue, Thu, Sat underwear; Sun “up 2 you” (wear whatever you want).

Massage service:
Thai massage 600 / h, oil massage 800 / h.

163/1 Thanon Prommarat ถนนพรหมราช
Difficult to find (reported by others, too;  and I missed it first and then asked locals).
15.2253082,104.8648204 = 15°13'31.1"N 104°51'53.4"E
They are on google maps, about 20 m wrong. Googlemaps is completely missing the road along the Moon river, but coming from the river on Friday there were two barking dogs.

Better go from Prommarat: walking eastwards on Thanon Prommarat, you pass house number 207-211, then turn right between the telephone booth on the corner and the blue sign “เจ้าท่าอุบล” on the other side of the soi. You will see a sign “Sauna”.

The sauna consists of two houses connected by a common garden. Reception, locker room, 2 bars, shower, steam room, sauna (can accommodate about 10 each), gym, room with porn, dark room, no labyrinth, rooms. When you pass the rooms, there is a small passage, I had to walk sideward to pass, that leads to a group room. Much of the area of the sauna is roofed but no walls, meaning smoking is allowed in these areas (but wasn’t a problem when I was there).

Some areas are not illuminated: the shower (staff who tells people to take of the towel and hang them on the pegs – Friday naked day – showed me the way to the shower with a flashlight, but then I had to shower in almost complete darkness), the steamroom (only light through a glass window in the door, but outside only dimly lit).

The sauna is a system I have not seen before: heating panels on the wall, some of them ambient temperature, others hot but you can still touch for a second, temperature in the sauna 40 degree Celsius.

Thai in their 30s, normal shape. Some spoke English. Very welcoming (in fact, one lead me through the small passage into the group room and several descended upon me, but polite and not pushy).

They have several small dogs at reception and two lovely cats lying on a couch near locker room or walking around. I go to a gay sauna and end up playing with pussy on both days!

Friday, 12.02.2014

Enter 20:28, get locker number 18 (and next two customers get 19 and 20, that means there are 20 customers, later increasing to about 30). Large towel. No other Farang. One boy looks cute, and he seems interested. After dancing around each other for a while, I sit next to him. We touch each other, but neither of us is hard. He speaks some English and suggests we go to my hotel room, he will take me on his motorbike. Having a look at him in the locker room with better light, he still looks promising, but I don’t have the feeling that I want to get my hands on his body. We leave 22:20.

His motorbike doesn’t start. We exchange phone numbers and would talk on the phone some other time. I walk home and don’t know how he got home and his motorbike fixed (but he is fine, we exchanged a few messages in Line two days later). I could have asked him to walk with me or he could have asked me to walk with me to my room. Or I could have offered help. What would my readers have done in such a situation?

Sunday 13.02.2014

Enter 22:20, locker number 25. Small towel (too short to wrap around your waist, but many customers stuck it behind the waistband of their underwear on the front). About 20 customers, nobody to my taste. Leave 23:05.

A well maintained and clean place (something that you can’t say about some saunas in Bangkok), that has been around for many years and hopefully will be around for many more years. Recommended!

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  1. If you don't want to get your hand on his body why did you leave with him ?
    I think most readers would have done the normal thing and said no.
    But you being ChristianPFC have to act like a dork.

  2. since he looked cute and seemed interested I'd go with him and if motorbike did not start I suggest a walk

  3. Wonder about korat. There is supposed to be one there (not in udon, though).


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